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21 Aug 2017
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We are looking for people who can participate in our new tours for travelers coming to Japan.and
we will be shooting some photos, videos during a tour.

Usually, our tour costs $50-150 per person but you will be able to join it for free! (Examples of our unique tours: bar-hopping in Tokyo, Art tour by a local artist, Karate Experience etc)
Of course, all expenses such as food & drinks will be covered by us.
Duration varies depending on tours but normally, it takes 2hrs to half day. In terms of dates/time, we can adjust to your availability as much as possible.
How about being a first customer of our unique & exclusive tours?

We are looking for following persons:

・Applicants recruitment(募集要項): Age 20yr-50yrs old(Travelers, All Students, Japanese, Foreign residents are welcomed)
・# of people we are looking for (募集人数):Around 10 people

▼Dates/Time (日時)
・Dates:Sep 27 - Nov 30, 2017
・Location:In Tokyo (Depending on tours. we will inform you exact locations in advance)
・Job Description: Joining our tour, being filmed by us, Giving us feedback

▼How to Apply(応募方法)
Please contact us with your following information

#1: Your Photo
#2: Basic Information (Name, Age, Occupation, Hobby)
#3: Your Availability (It can be days or dates)

**Once you apply, we will get back to you within 2 business days (weekdays)
**If you have any questions, please be free to contact us anytime, anything!
We will be looking forward to seeing you!

Libra Inc. (MagicalTrip)
Business Development
Ryosuke Iwase
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