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Best Place to Live?

George L.

9 Jan 2004
Just wondering everyones opinion on where the best place was to live in Japan? I guess the best all around city...based on beauty, things to do, people, and whatever else you want!

I have no idea as I have never been there but I had a foreign exhange student from Matsudo, Chiba (did I do that right?) and she said it was beautiful.
Matsudo is just outside of Tokyo (in fact it's closer to the main parts of Tokyo than some places *in* Tokyo). Therefore it's about as crowded as Tokyo. Pretty much all residential and not much greenery. "Beautiful" probably wouldn't have been my first thought.

To answer your question... I don't know. I've only lived in Tokyo and haven't spent enough time in other cities to say. To me, though, Tokyo is my second home having spent 1/3 of my adult life there. And there's no place like home.
I'm partial to Sapporo (always have been) but I really like Hakodate as well. I'm moving to Nagoya soon so we'll see how that pans out as I have never been there before...
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