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Best place to find car parts in JPN

monkey mitsu

6 Feb 2004
My friend is going to Tokyo for a semester through his University. He plans on finding parts to ship back to states for little extra $$. Ive looked all over the internet for Japanese Junk yards. tried Yahoos japanese search engine. and translation website. but must not be direct translation. Are junk yards best place to find used performance parts? do they have like "Swap Meets"? Ive talked to other people who said cars that arnt modified are easiest to find in Auction, but most of modified ones go to junk yards.

Super Autobacs and Crystal are huge superstores of tuning parts :D.
And 'garage sales' are always an easy target for cheap 2md hand stuff so I hear.
A Busy Intersection During The First Snowstorm!!

In Fukuoka anyway, they come up to the red light at full speed, slam on the brakes last minute!! Car parts & body parts all over the place every snow storm I saw!!


😲 :( 😲
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