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15 Apr 2002
ughh, I just watched a sort of recap for the part of "Kita no Kuni Kara" (from the northern country)

It's a tv movie/drama which used to air almost yearly here in Japan since 1980 it follows a Father, son and daughter and their trials of living in the country side of Hokkaido just outside of the city of Furano.

It features many scenes of the beautiful Furano and Bie areas and the story is enough to bring at least tears to your eyes every 10 minutes or so. Plus, it pulls those forgotten memories out of you and make you wish that you could say sorry, or gave more appreciation to those around you.

The main actors are famous for just appearing in the series ... same 3 play the same roles through out the years. Guest appearances are normally famous folk like Miyazawa Rie who fell in love with the son Jun but was actually a run away porn queen and such other daily possible true life stories.

The little girls name is Hotaru. I forgot the father's name. All characters have their flaws which most people can easily associate with.

Since the film locations are not that far from me up in this neck of the woods I've actually went to the sites. Their house that they lived are tourist attractions. Too bad that you can't get into the newest house.

If you ever have a chance I truly can recommend these films.
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