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Best J-pop Artists?

Shiina Ringo.

She's pretty Unique. I guess people try to compare her to Fionna Apple in the States. I think that is where she got her name.

Good stuff. Her new CD isn't all that, but her old CD's are definately cool.
Hang on there, Harvey! Her new cd is really really good. Even though it's a cover album. She has really given all the song her own twist. And the fact that the songs are very diverse makes it truly brilliant.
I'm a big fan of Utada Hikaru, her hit single, Hikari was the first j-pop song i ever listened too. She's hugely popular in Japan. Don't know who she would compare to in the US though. She kind of has a style all of her own. Check her out. She just released a brand new album which I bought myself, called Deep River.

Hi All
How would you compare Utada Hikaru and Ayumi Hamasaki?
Does this new album of Hikaru's, have a video in which she is cleaning plates etc. in a kitchen ........:-/ 🙂

how do they compare wrt to the following
voice (sweet/strong etc.), musical instruments used, genre of music and popularity!!

Twisted probably can better sound up their differences but for the easier side: They both target different audiences and their sound is a bit different so it depends a lot on the song today.

Though, Hiki bucked the system and tried to cut out many of the middlemen who were taking a cut of her revenue. Actually, her father is her producer and her mother was once a popular singer.

I'd put Hiki with Kuraki Mai who was created by Sony? or what ever record company after Hiki split from the industry. The record company was p_ssed off so they put a new act, Kuraki Mai, who instantly hit the top of the charts.

Oh well, so much for creativity.
Re: Comparison

Originally posted by kinjo

Does this new album of hikaru's, have a video in which shes cleaning plates etc in a kitchen ........:-/ 🙂

Yes, that particular song is called Hikari, or light in English. It's one of my personal favorites.
Personally, I hate comparing artists. Just listen to it and come to your own conclusions. I'll give it a try, though.

Basically, Hikaru started with R&B (but she's now more pop-oriented), whereas Ayumi started with more dance-flavoured pop music.
Vocally they're very distinguishable. The voice of Hikaru is quite low, while Ayumi sounds kind of like a typical idol with a more high-pitched voice. They both don't have an incredibly impressive vocal-range, though. Especially live, Hikaru often goes too low, and Ayumi often misses the high notes.

Hikaru is in the past produced by Jimmy Jam and Teri Lewis. I don't think non-Japanese producers ever produced Ayumi, but every big name in the business has remixed her.

On Mai Kuraki: She's on Giza records, and she has also released an album in the US under the name of Mai K. Neither Hikaru Utada or Ayumi Hamasaki have been able to do that yet, although Hikaru is getting there very soon.
Though on the groups category, my favorite are:

Do As Infinity
Garnet Crow
The Pillows

As for artists:

Utada Hikaru
Masami Okui
Aikawa Nanase

I'm surprised to hear that Mai Kuraki released an album in the states. I think Hikki has the best chance to make the total crossover to the states. If not her, then most likely Ayu.
I just LOVE Nanase Aikawa ! Even if I like a lot of others jpop artists ,this is the best !!!
I've been getting into Rina Aiuchi lately. I think she's pretty good. You should check her out too.
Well, if you're still looking for a good rockband, check out the new single from Dir en Grey. It's called Child Prey and it's not for the faint hearted.
I'm going deaf right now, but it's so damn good. It is a bit of a Mad Capsule Markets imitation though.
Personally I really enjoy Zard but then I am ****** for a ballad and Izumi Sakai has a voice that is without compare imho.

This is my 1st post so hi to all.

Best 2 JPop artists?
Well, for me, they have to be Zard and Amuro Namie.
I like almost ALL songs by Zard, and I love the old songs of Amuro.
Hi, son hakush!

B'z is a good rockband. Actually, a good rock duo since it consists of two guys, Tak Matsumoto and Koshi Inaba.

There's also SPITZ, which is not exactly a rock band, but something like the wallflowers (a bit of ballad?). As everybody else has said, it's not easy to compare bands/singers, so all you have to do is listen!
Yep, B'z is good.

I used to like Spitz. Yeah, they really are rock at all. Probably more standard Jpop as in MTV.
hi everyone!

my fav japanese bands are:

DA PUMP [pop/rnb/hiphop]
Dragon Ash [rock/hiphop]
Glay [rock]
Chemistry [rnb]
Utada Hikaru [rnb/pop]
The Gospellers [rnb/...er gospel?]
Rip Slyme [hiphop]
Rhymester [hiphop]
Zeebra [hiphop]
Suiken [hiphop]

did i get any wrong?
and sorry i listen to more hiphop! but those are my favourites! 👍
Gackt's song, "fragrance", was the first one by him I heard. I'm doing what I can to sift through and appreciate some of his other works now.
Hikaru Utada was my first J-Pop obsession. Probably always will be. And for a good reason. She looks like a really sweet girl, with a warm and inviting smile. And her music's rarely anything but upbeat or emotional. I have at least 20 of her songs, maybe more.
Namie Amuro is good if you like the raw sexuality more. She's into club-bangers and sex-jams. Still haven't explored her works in detail yet.
Ayumi Hamasaki is more of a J-Rocker. I got into her through watching Inuyasha.
But the way I see it, Hikki is the Queen of J-Pop. Everybody loves her, and she can sing English just as well as she can sing japanese. Which does a lot for an American like me.
Scott said:
Yes, that particular song is called Hikari, or light in English. It's one of my personal favorites.

aaa I think the PV is so boring, all she is doing is doing the dishes.

I think that Utada is the best Jpop singer. But Koda Kumi is most populair in Japan at the moment ( I have to agree that she is .... SEXY)
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