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7 Apr 2003

Hajime Mashite, I will be coming to Japan for a holiday in May only for 1 week (am now learning a bit of the local lingo) and want to make the most of my time there. I will be based in Shinjuku and was wondering where the best places to go for nightlife not only in this area but other places like Roppongi and Shibuya. Also, are there any restrictions on foreigners buying mobile phones in Japan as i heard from somebody that it can be very hard to do this.

Arigatoo Gozaimasu

Greetings Austin-san. Hmm... if you're only going to be in Japan for one week, sounds like you'll definitely have your hands full trying to cram as much of the Tokyo nightlife in as possible. I wouldn't really worry too much about setting an itinerary beforehand and trying to adhere to any sort of specific locales or hangouts if you're only gonna be in town for a week. Rather, i'd just wing it and go wherever you feel like going at the time (as time and energy permit).

The nightlife is pretty much nonstop once the sun goes down and you'll have little trouble finding enough places to check out in the time alotted, heh. If you'd still like specifics, i'm sure some of our members currently residing in the Tokyo area can help you out since i'm assuming the scene has changed considerably since last I was there.

Re: cell phones, I never had any problems signing up with NTT DoCoMo for a service plan as a foreigner when I was there, although i'm not really sure if you're intention is to just buy one of the newer high-tech models and use it in the UK (if such a thing is possible)?. If so, i'd definitely check out whether or not it would be compatible beforehand (sorry, not really my area).
You can't get a mobile phone contract in Japan without an alien registration card (also known as a gaijin card). For this, you need to be coming to Japan for work or some other long term reason. However, you can get a prepaid phone which you can just buy over the counter from convenience stores like 7-Eleven. These will do most of the things that normal phones will do, including email.

An example of one of these phones is here:


I miss my Gaikokujin Torokusho. I wished I could have kept mine when I left--would have been a nice little souvenir, heh.
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