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Best. Dictionary. Ever.


22 Jul 2003
Well, here it is. The only "Dictionary" you'll ever need. It is easily the best Japanese<==>English resource of all time(It even had the name of my small little city in it). They also sell it on cd-rom in Japan, but everything is on the site already. Another plus feature is it's updated daily. Probably more than daily. Anyhow, I wanted to put it in Maciamo's resource post but unfortunately it's closed. So Maciamo, if you could toss this resource in there that'd be cool, then you could just delete this post. Anyhow, here goes: 株式会社アルク


P.S. If someone already posted this I'm really sorry :emoji_sob:
Just toss something english in the little box there, and hit the button to the right. Kapow!
Doesnt have 登下校 (tougekou) tho :( Finally worked it out tho, going to and from school (duh, 登校+下校=登下校)

Tougekou - Going to and from school
I have a pocket jap.-eng. eng.-jap dictionary. Doesn't have all the translations in the world, but enough of the more common words that when ever I look up something it's usually there.
I've used this dictionary heaps..
i would also recommend it to everyone

however it doesn't have dialect from areas around japan....
eg. いいふりこき
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