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3 Dec 2002
Thanks to some money I obtained during this Christmas holiday, I was able to finally order the sub-titled Berserk DVD boxed set I wanted. I picked up the OST while I was at it (no additional shipping, why not?).

I checked out a few episodes of this last year through less-than-legal methods and really enjoyed it. I can't wait till it arrives. :)

Are there any other fans of the series on these boards?
What an epic series. You really get to see a lot of character development over the 10 or so hours from the set.

Now I'm just wondering: will the anime series ever be continued? We're left with a nice little cliffhanger. We can assume that Gatsu survived somehow, thanks to the events in the first episode, but what happened to Caska? In the video game, it seems she was alive, but had fallen victim to a disease. That reminds me, I still need to finish off the final boss in that game. Stupid plant-cherub thing!

I guess there's always the manga...
considering the serie isn't so recent, there won't be any continuation... seing gatsu fighting for three eps can be cool, but boring ... :/
I had no problem with sitting down and watching the whole anime series in nearly one sitting. I had to go get some more refreshments, but I basically did it. Didn't bore me one bit. :)
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