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4 Oct 2002
What do you all think about Japanese beer? What's your favourite? I think overall the Japanese lager is very different to the European one. Not a very big fan of Japanese beers myself, the only one I found decent is Sapporo's Namashibori. Here in England I like Carling!

The beer I love best, is Kingfisher. (Indian beer). pretty strong when compared to others and nice feeling after a couple of mugs. But Corona wih lemon, is pretty refreshing too.
Whats better than ice-cold Asashi when it comes to Japanese beer?!
Kirin is just so-so, I think. tried Spanish beer just once, but thot that was good as well.
Guess beer just can't be bad! :D
But I think across a worldwide standard, Japanese beer wouldn't make much of a mark.............or so I feel......
hehe, I love Asahi's Super Drive even though I live only about 15 minutes away from Sapporo's Sapporo Beer Factory. My wife is a Kirin fan though.


hmmm, Ashahi used to run some really great commericials. I love the one where a guy is watching fireworks from the second floor of his house, and runs back downstairs to get his cat.

Sapporo Beer is running a real strange Namashibori commercial series ... I like their "Like Beer" Series better though. My Favorite is the snowball fight one.

hehe, Sapporo is really beer country.

I'm not really sure but I do believe that Asahi Beer was actually Part of Sapporo Beer at one time.
I'm also very fond of Japanese beer, I'm sure that Asahi and Sapporo can easily compete with other global players. Of course Japan doesn't offer the diversity we have in Europe. I think that one of the most remarkable beer countries is Belgium.
Originally posted by kinjo
Guess beer just can't be bad! :D
True. In theory that is. I had some nasty stuff back in Russia. Was about 40 yen a pint. Thought I'd give it a go!
Originally posted by moyashi
Sapporo Beer is running a real strange Namashibori commercial series ...
Which one is that? While I was in Kyoto they had that one with a dog, selling cans of Namashiboris at a supermarket. They also had some with old people in it which I didn't really understand cause of the language. I thought they were funny anyway, especially that one with the dog!
I can't really tell one brand of beer from another, which doesn't really matter because it all tastes like vomit anyway.

Asahi is the only Japanese beer that's available overhere in Holland, but it's terrifyingly expensive.

Did i mention that i have a terrible hangover right now? A good combination of Heineken, Grolsch and Bacardi Limon is to blame for that... :eek:
LOL .... Beer is like that isn't it. I think that beer tastes best on a hot hot summer day at the beach. Or when you've just got nod to take home the young lady next to you at the bar. Ummm, we won't say that without the 5 previous beers that you've never would've even bothered for a phone number will we.


@ expensive
Beer is just plain expensive over here all together. Even at 188 yen you wonder ... I miss 6 packs at $3 while in Japan a can of Sapporo will run about 220 yen. Aparently tax is what kills the price.
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