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Battle Royale


15 Oct 2003
🙂 I found out the other day that most of the cast in this most excellent film were in fact actually only of school age. sorry for being so slow! I know the principle characters went on to do other stuff, but do you know if any of the others went on to do more films? especially sayaka kamiya ( one of the lighthouse scene girls) she is DAMN CUTE!
Never mind. i know that the girl who played mitsuko and also the guy who was kawada have gone on to do more japanese films and nanahara shuya is in the sequel. just wondered about the rest of them.
Exellent movie!
I found this movie about 3 weeks ago after reading an interview with Quentin Tarantino who recomended it ( i figured i'd take one of the gods of directing's word for it). It was really good. as a matter of fact i liked it so much that i went out and bought the book by Koushun Takami which has been translated into english. One of my favorite parts was the lighthouse scene, I spoke with my Pshycology and Sociology teacher who is also interested in japan and he agreed with me that it is an excellent representation of both these fields and if it were a little less violent he'd probably show it to the class.

like i said Exellent movie! 9 or 9 1/2 outta 10
also an exellent book so far.
I watched battle royale a while back and thoroughly enjoyed it, a good movie well done, but does anyone know when it was made/first came out?
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