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Battle royale 2


Baka Gaijin
10 Nov 2003

I have acquired a copy of Battle Royale 2 but alas it hasn't got any subs. If anyone knows any good sites where one could download them I would be most grateful.

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The only legal subtitled copy that I know of is the Region 3 release, due early February. Places like PokerIndustries.com usually stock them, but they don't appear to have it listed yet (they usually don't deal with pre-orders, and just list them when they arrive in stock).

I suggest checking out somewhere simple like eBay. This seller deals only with legitimate DVD releases, and is already taking preorders for the R3 (I've made mine already).
I was also very much disappointed with BRII. It did not live up to my expectations at all!
I guess it is because the sequel was not directed by the same director (he passed away before he wanted to direct it), but by his son instead - who thought he wanted BRII on a totally another level...terrrorism.

For me, it wasn't a real "sequel" at all, as the plot seemed too different than in the first Battle Royale..

Does anyone like BRII? Did it get good reviews by critics in Japan?
br2 was so random! it was very enjoyable but it could never be as good as the first only because of its lack of beat takeshi(minus the cameo)
I just got BR2, but I don't have the english subtitles, can someone send me or refer me to a link for the .srt file? since the url above is not available anymore. I guess it wont be as good as the first one, following your appreciation of the sequel. I still hope to enjoy the flick and thank you in advance for the .srt file.
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