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Battle Royale 2 Clothes


6 May 2003
Hi! I'm very excited to see the upcoming BR2 movie.
I noticed that there is an own collection of BR 2 clothes. The military style ones and I was just wondering where I could by those and if they ship internationally because I live in Norway.
I would appreciate every kind of help. Thanks in advance!!!
Please don't post duplicate messages, I have already deleted one of your posts yesterday.

Thank you. 🙂
They might start selling them when the movie premieres.
If not official, there might be copies available on the black market.
People liked BR? WOW. Though it was very violent I think it was pretty cool. But I would rather watch animated movie.
I thought it was awful. I felt so depressed that someone would go though the trouble of making such a blatantley violent and ugly movie that i wanted to go out and create something beautiful. I did see it in japanese however, and because my japanese is not great, i undoubtedly missed some of the deeper points (or thats what I am praying for, at least). Were there any redeeming features from that film? Something I missed?
Yes, of course there were redeeming features, where people had to choose whether to follow as they did or radically change, in some cases betray who they were at the core, and others, become it.

The book is more detailed, you understand more than just the random-appearing movie killfest, which was good, but if you want something with meaning or depth, read the book, now translated in English, available for sure in the US nd Canada.

There is NO WAY they could fit 610 pages in 100 minutes. Consider the book to be a bit more genuine as a final product.
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