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Battle Royale 2 Clothes


6 May 2003
Hi! I'm very excited to see the upcoming BR2 movie.
I noticed that there is an own collection of BR 2 clothes. The military style ones and I was just wondering where I could by those and if they ship internationally because I live in Norway.
I would appreciate every kind of help. Thanks in advance!!!🙂
hahah, cant wait for it too but kinda bored with all those horrible killing....ehheh it make no much sense but it is sort of brutal...
whatta? So there's going to be a sequal, BR2? When exactly?

I saw the first one a little while ago, and first I really didn't know how to react.. In a way, a very entertaining movie, with a nice catchy plot etc, and some very new ideas...but the killing,yup...not so nice.
I guess that's what makes it a fairly good movie, since it forces you to think...psychological things,nnnnice ;)

i live in france and i would really want to know if it ould be possible to ship BR2 clothes to europe?
anyone knows anything?


P.S. To answer chipi's question, BR2 just got out on 5th july in Japan. But no release dates have been announced for any other country!
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