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26 Aug 2003
this seems like a kinda dumb question but i was wondering this while putting new batteries in my cd player
i know in japan they have different power currents (voltage) so because of this would that make there batteries have different volts as well? or are they just standerd AA, AAA ect?
japan is ntsc as well (edit: britain/hong kong is pal?)
all my stuff plugs in and hasn't blown up (yet)
yes, standard aa, lithium, recharge ect
bit more expensive (even in akiba)
NTSC and PAL are television format standards ;)

But yes America and Japan share relatively similer electricity current standards. I think Japan is like 110V/60Hz and America is 120V/60Hz or maybe it is the other way around, but in any case, they both lie between the usual tolerance appliances are made to withstand so no worries plugging in American electronics in Japan and vice-versa.

As for batteries, these are meant for electronics that use DC power while household plugins are used for electronics that use AC power. I think batteries are the same standards around the globe but I never really looked into it.
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