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28 Jan 2004
I want make a very elaborate meaningful present for my friend's 18th. He's really into Japanese and wants to live in Tokyo after uni. Could anyone construct the kanji, hiragana, Katakana or whatever has the least number of characters which would imply his home being in Tokyo? Do you get my meaning?

Just the correct character for Tokyo would be good if the other is too long.

Should it be written properly downwards?

Thanks very much!
I'm only aware of Tokyoite, which is literally Tokyo person (東京人) or perhaps Tokyo resident (東京都民), although you won't be considered full breed until your family has lived there for a few generations at least (江戸っ子).
Cheers Liz. Just a quick question. Should this phrase properly be displayed downwards? Liks this:

Or in standard left to right horizontal form.
Nowadays the horizontal writing style is becoming more and more common, so it would be fine to write it horizontally. The vertical style seems to be used more for books and manga (although I believe that magazines are written horizontally, or at least some of them).
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