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"Barnes & Noble" と言う本屋に行った。


20 Mar 2004
I'm not rich, so there was more there that I wanted to buy but thought best to wait on. One of which looked quite interesting and was on onomonopia's. Another book was Volume II from Manga Jin on learning Japanese. If they would have had the first volume, I would have bought it, I used to browse through Mangajin and although most of it was too advanced for me, I thought they were interesting all the same. And there was another book that dealt with how to be Japanese through non-verbal means, and that looked interesting. I didn't see any worthwhile kanji books. Plus I'll keep my hands full with the 500 I'm trying to learn right now. There were some books on breaking into Japanese literature, but I'm not sure I'm ready for those quite yet...

So what I did get was "Zakkennayo!" which is kind of lame. I had an older slang dictionary from before but can't find it now. But are kind of lame. Something about it just seems too bizarre to be useful as any kind of a reference tool. And I don't like his translations. They are too free. I'd prefer something a little more literal because it helps with understanding the words you're saying more truelly. However, it has great comic value, so I bought it anyway.

The other book was Oxford Grammar and Verbs. Something I predict I'll need to study in order to fill the gap that not taking Japanese for a year is going to do to me. Unless my sensei decides to do a 3rd year class for those interested ( crosses fingers).

jaa mata autode...
That's funny, because those were the same books that I found and didn't find in the local Barnes and Noble. Do they all just stock the exact same books?

I didn't like "Zakkenayo" either, mostly because it's all in romaji and it isn't even romanized properly, i.e. no indication of long vowels. (Heh, it's also funny that I didn't romanize "romaji" properly, but "roumaji" and "roomaji" just don't look right, and I can't use circumflexes on this computer)
Yeah, I've been to a couple different Barnes and Noble stores and none of them carry exactly the same books. This one was at the Mall of America, so maybe they carried more because of their location or something, I don't know.
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