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14 Mar 2002
I have never heard of this guy, but I'm not exactly a follower of fashion. ;)

Going BAPE

With BAPE hotel wishes, BAPE Cafテゥ New York dreams, and a new London boutique finally a reality, A Bathing Ape creator Nigo is the next self-appointed fashion ambassador for trendy Tokyoites. But is the rest of the planet ready for this simian-inspired lifestyle? Roland Kelts gets the answer from the man himself.

At 32, Nigo, designer, producer, drummer and DJ is still a bit of a boy-wonder. He's small, for one thing, in frame and in head-size, with a skullcap hiding his hairline and massive Ray-Bans encasing bulging wide eyes. He also slumps thoughtfully then jerks to attention, like a preoccupied teenager with a lot on the brain.

More boy-wonderish, however, is Nigo's hyperkinetic enthusiasm for his chosen obsession: transforming his homegrown street-wear business into a worldwide empire. 窶廬 don't consider my brand merely a clothing brand,窶 he explains in a soft but certain voice. 窶廝APE is a lifestyle company, including music, hair, even food. Everything you need to live. Tokyo has all sorts of brands. They have a boom period, then they subside. I don't want my brand to be dragged down, so I need to diversify.窶拏/i]

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I just started my new website. It lists all the current ebay auctions for Bape clothing, thought you might like to check it out.
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Bape is finished... it was handed over to a group of people, mainstream hiphop, and it's followers who dilute the line (in the United States.... Bape is already finished in Japan)... by complacently buying counterfeit after counterfeit... I've seen at least 15 Baby Milo Animal Farm hoodies in Pittsburgh, and everyone thinks it's Bape, they don't even know it's a sub-brand... they have no idea... they're just mindless consumers of fake-elite-fashion... Bape Bape Bape...

Go to New York, where people actually wear the originals, and none of them are the same EXACT bootleg that everyone else everywhere else is wearing... If Bape is a status symbol, the status is meaningless because people who work at McDonalds are portending to be able to afford $600 dollar hoodies...

There's a lot of stuff out there, Supreme, Greedy Genius, Original Fake, even Stussy, which is much more popular in Japan, than stateside... luckily, nobody seems to grasp the concept of originality, and everyone is just happy wearing their boring mass-produced $40 dollar bootleg.

Ps. A good portion of the Ebay auctions for Bape clothing are for counterfeits... just an FYI there....
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