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14 Aug 2003
I just read an article about 'Banzai!' and I've seen commercials for it. I serisouly cannot believe in this day and age that there is such a show aired in America. And what's worse is that after several requests made by Asian American groups to the FOX broadcasting company to not air the show, the company still aired it. FOX also says the show in no way belittles Japanese nor does it have any offensive material. "it's just funny" they had said.
Here's Gil Asakawa's view on the show: "Banzai My ***"

Well, Mr. Shakehands man does have his good moments.

Honestly, Gil is taking this show a bit too seriously. I mean, the stereotypes are so overdone and the level of absurdity is so high in most of the scenes, that the show just leaves you wondering.

This show is about absolutely nothing and it uses Asian stereotypes to carry that message. It's a kind of humor you either love or loathe.
This show started here in England and is produced by channel 4 I think. It's just 1/2 hr of stupidity with some c-list 1980's british celebrities thrown in for laughs. It is not meant to be taken seriously and I don't think it's meant to be xenophobic either, although that is usually defined by the viewer not the producer. I found some of it very funny but it got tired very fast!! Don't think it's shocking enough to last.
That show seems to be very successful. There is a german version of it as well...
Its not to bad, some of the challenges are very inventive such as " Lady one question", just ingnore the stereotypes and it may provide a laugh or two.
I don't know I thought it was hella funny! LOL! But it's worng at the same time and stupid. o-O
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