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banning santa


15 Nov 2002
must be the holiday insanity season approaching...
Yes, the news is slanted, but even stranger is what people will do to alter popular traditions :eek:

how could anybody ban SANTA??????
:D tell me???
He gives us presents; no-one claims that they gave them to us???
He climbs down our chimney?? only man alive that can live threw that task!!
Eats cookies in every town home??
is driven in a sledge, with reindeers???
Has a glass of milk at each stop off??
gives presents to children at each home!!
dresses in a red round out-fit every year, with no complaints??
Kiss "s all the mommy"s under the Christmas tree.
Children imagine how Santa has magical powers to watch what they do from day top day etc.
HAHAHA, take this as it is den4 (joke_) lolol
👏 🙂
i'm trying to look at this from an atheiest view, and its weird lol... i'm christian myself, but i'm trying to place my self in other religons, it's probably why all these wars are going on, why can we all sit down, watch anime and be all happy? Ah thats my world i'm talking about hahaha.... *sleep*
the wars are not about religion...it's about certain obsessive compulsive folks that are bent on gaining power through conquest, and religion is just a handy tool they use to corrupt feeble minded folks into following their lead...
oooooo *gets pencil and paper and follows den4 around* kekekekekekke let me be your apprentice of the art of knowledge ahahah
best follow Kirei Na Me or some other advisor....following me around with pencil and paper will only give you paper cuts and a possible poke in the eye....remember, I know nothing! :D
Maybe I do, in fact, know something! 😄 It comes as a complete shock, though, because I didn't think I knew anything...
not knowing anything is my job....
go use that broom and sweep your shock under the rug and start giving your advice as advisor :D

ducks to avoid swung broom.... :p
Heh...If ya want someone not knowing ANYTHING......
Here I am! I don't even know how to get them l'il anime pics up on my post! Er...Not that I'm proud..hehe
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