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Banner Exchange is not displaying my banners


1 Feb 2003
This regards the site jCiti , which was added Saturday.

I've displayed 998 banners and my banner has been displayed 0 times, what gives?

Here are the stats:

Statistic for member jCiti

Current time 10-2-2003, 3:24

Banner exchange size 1 ( 468 x 60 px )
Exchange ratio (credits for 100 impressions): 90
Number of extra credits for each click on your pages: 10
Last banner impression on your pages: 10-2-2003, 3:24
Banners displayed on your site: 1032
Clicks on your site: 11
Ratio impressions/clicks on your pages: 1.07 %
Credits earned: 928.80
Free credits: 1000
Free credits for referrals: 0
Your banner has been displayed: 0 times
Number of clicks on your banner: 0
Ratio impressions/clicks on your banners: 0 %
Unused credits:

Joe, your Flash banners display fine, but unfortunately they are not hyperlinked. I will check that issue and get back to you.


It seems there are some restrictions in regard to .swf banners (didn't know that myself).

- The alt and a href tags are not supported for flash banners (link URL is saved into the flash image).

- If a flash banner is used, you have no control if the link opens in a new or in the same window (this is also saved into the image file).

- This script uses iframe so members using flash banner must set their link to target="_top" or target="_blank" (it must be saved directly to the image). Otherwise the link (after clicking on the banner) will be opened only in the inserted frame.

- Clicks on flash banners can't be counted because the link is saved directly in the image file and it goes direct to the members site instead to link.php.

I am sorry, but for the time being I will have to disable .swf banners until a solution has been found. I am sorry for the inconvenience!

I looked at other sites in the Banner exchange for about an hour and only saw my banner displayed only once.

To add insult to injury. It was the Flash banner which does not hyperlink. You promised to disable that.

If you don't want to display my banners, that cool. But please just tell me and I'll opt out.
You have to check your stats. Also, take a look at the top banners, it's there

=> http://www.japanbanner.net/top.php

jciti: 1125 impressions since the last reset on Monday

If you do not want to display your flash banner, just edit your account and delete it.
I really find those stats hard to believe. The iKjeld banner has 3000 impressions and my banner 1000 impressions, about 3 to 1 but in browsing for about an hour I saw the iKjeld banner about 30 times and I didn't see by banner at all until after I posted my message - and then it was the flash banner that does not hyperlink!

Where is my banner being displayed?

Like I said if you don't want to display my banner, that's cool, just let me know and I'll opt out.
The frequency of banner displays depends on how often you display banners on your site. If Kjeld has more traffic, his banners are consequently displayed more often, that's the idea of a banner exchange. I hope that solves the misunderstanding.

I have just deleted your Flash banner and gave you 1000 additional credits for the inconvenience.

I understand the concept. His banner display 3 times more than mine. That's cool. But it I randomly look at other sites and see his banners 30 times I would expect to see my 10. Am I missing something here? I didn't see 10 - I saw 0.

Well I think part of the problem is that 3 banners are getting impressions and one is a Flash and one is blank, because when I try to upload the third banner it gives me an "invalid format" error. I will check again to see if I have 3 banners in place.
No, I can't upload banner 3. I get the error.

Error! Wrong banner image format. Please try again.

If you could please delete all the Flash/.swf from my account so I can upload 3 banners.
One more thing: if you change any of your account details your account is temporarily disabled, so that the admin can approve these changes. During this period no banners are displayed.
When did you anticipate the banner that I added on Saturday will be displayed for the first time?
Your flash banner has already been deleted. Do you still receive this error?
I still get the error:

Error! Wrong banner image format. Please try again.

It only displays "Your current Banner 2" and "Your Current Banner 3" as well
I have changed the account to display all three of your (non-Flash) banners. Please don't change your account right now, because here's a tired admin that needs to go to sleep, it's 3am, lol.

Oyasumi nasai. :snore:
I did see one banner display at another site shortly after your message, but then it went dead again. So I gave up and reloaded the banners. Maybe the fact that .swf was in my account has permanently hosed it.

Anyways, I'll give it one more try. Don't have time to look through other sites to see if my banner is being displayed.
My banner is not displaying and never has. I have looked through the other sites and will see "Rocket Baby" and Nagoya Writes" and other sites which are not even in the top 10 but never my banner. Is it a problem with the .swf file. So far I have displayed 3412 banners and it is still questionable whether my banner has been displayed anywhere.

Do you have stats on where a given banner is displayed?

What makes it even more a rip off is unlike almost any of your favorites, I display your banners prominately on the top of every screen, whereas almost everyone elses buries it at the bottom of some remote page.
Hi Joe,

there are no stats about where your banners have been displayed. However, you are right, your banners do not seem to be shown at all.

Here's my suggestion: please sign up for a new account. I will delete your old account and add all the credits you have earned so far.

Update: after rotating our banner exchange i concluded that your banner is displayed, though not very frequent which is probably traffic-related. Anyhow, sign up for a new account and we shall see.

I have already enabled your account. There's no reason why it shouldn't work as long as there is any traffic to your pages.
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