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bandits or assassins??


12 Jul 2003
A random thought occured to me. Which are cooler: assassins or bandits??? I don't really like the idea of killing someone....but ASSASSINS ARE COOL!!!!!! Everyon loves bandits! (well only if u watch FY...Tsuki is cool!) so which is better?? oi! or what about an assassin bandit? Could that work???? wah! that's cool! Yes I'm weird and random. ^___^ 🙂
Bandits sound so "old-time Western," the name Bandits alone automaticly puts the visualization of a western-bar fight and someone being thrown against a piano or across various tabletops until falling on a floor littered with broken glass from smashed beer mugs.

Assassins I automaticly think of Ninjas and I have respect for them, even the very few modern-day ninjas that are still around. I don't know why I like Ninjas so much but when I was younger my brother bought issues of these Ninja Magazines which were American publications, anyways they were really cool because it gave you trick-tips and such, even cooler was towards the back of each magazine they always had ninja mail-order to buy the necessary equipment you'd need. I then got obsessed with going on "midnight missions" which mainly had the objective of going out late at night and like a ninja we'd try and go on foot to stores in order to by mountain dew, the trick was to not make noise when you'd run and to not be seen, it was fun, i learned a lot from those magazines and my brother, thanks man (I know you like to search for my posts dawg).

of the two I go with Assassins

I took a personality quiz and I'm shown to be best as an assassin


whenever I play and RPG or whatever the case may be I ALWAYS play the assassin

I love 'em!!
Yeah assassins r cool. I rp one, actually. (i get to control fire too ^^ YAY!!! FIRE!!!) When I think assassin I think Weiz Kruez and I think of Tasuki when I think of bandits. But ninjas are great too. Dunno what it is w/me. I love samurai,(SWORDS!!!!) bandits (the tasuki kind...most clarify from now on), and ninjas.
Aaaaaa, I haven't role-played in ages,, not even role-playing video-games,, :( I guess I'll dust off the old' playstation and see if my Final Fantasy 7 hasen't expired on me yet.

Well, now that you have mentioned Tasuki from Fushigi Yuugi! I'll have to go with Bandits. But Assassins sounds much cooler and fresh. But still cuz. Tasuki is a Bandit then i'll have to go with Bandits! :p
assassins are better because they are like payed ronins or ninjas. they don't tend to kill unless order to and they could be friend or foe. Like the movie "The Professional"
Assassins have this cool style, they are mostly independent and have a lot of skill 👍 no one is allowed to know there real identity... (ok ok..that's a bit movie-like ^^)
I share the opinion, that "bandit" sounds like "wild west-movie"

but assassins....:


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I rp with a couple of friends on the i.m. ^^ it's funny I play an assassin when really I don't like violence that much, or at least not if it's really gorry. I'm leaning a bit towards assassins now, but I still like the tasuki kind of bandit. ^^
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