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Bandō Tamasaburō V - Any fans?


26 Feb 2015
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Any other Tamasaburō fans here?

I recently discovered the mesmerising joy of his performances, and have subsequently watched every video I can find.

My favorite so far is definitely "Orochi".

Choice moments!

Video 1:

5:42 - "Glancing up and shielding herself, we're told that Princess Inada has yet to know even the feel of rough wind on her skin"

Video 2:

5:06 - "Her mind and appearance dissolve in chaos, with the alcohol her colour suddenly reddens, even to the roots of her hair, and she begins to resemble the legendary Shōjō wine sprite"

6:00 - "Now, intoxicated with wine, the serpent will dance by the light of the moon"

6:33 - "The song goes, in the Palace of the Sages, aged for a thousand years, is there Chrysanthemum wine. The lyrics refer to the mythical elixir of life, distilled by virtuous Sages from the dew on Chrysanthemum flowers. The juxtaposition here of a wine so pure with one so tainted is sadly ironic"

Video 3:

1:44 - "This rhythmical section is a great innovation in the music, and the dancers movements are subtle yet precise, in keeping with the irregular time"

2:57 - "Looking into a jar, she is repelled by her own hideous reflection"

7:00 - "Gradually, the poisoned Sake produces an adverse effect, as she staggers and falls about"

If anyone knows of anywhere on the internet where there are videos of his performances, with an English narration, (I think I have exhausted YouTube!!), please let me know!!

Also, if there are some DVD's with an English narration!!

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