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Banana Yoshimoto

Onigiri Chan

1 Dec 2003
Once again, another genius at work!
I recommend her book N.P.! (North Point)
Banana Yoshimoto has a simple clear-cut way of writing that supports a sense of elegance and balance and also helps to create a sort of bond between yourself and her characters. Each story is so very alive and so very real, all are extremely easy to connect with.


The Books i've had a chance to read thus far:
I'd deffinately appreciate it if anyone could point me in the direction of any of her newest work or any of her books not mentioned here. Thanks loads! ^.^
Well, there are at least 3 more books:
Tsugumi, Amrita and Sly.

I really love her style ;)
I like her even better than Haruki Murakami ;)
Ah thanks Sabishii, i'll be sure to find those books.

I've not heard of Haruki Murakami, but i'll check her out as soon as possible as well.

Arigato 🙂
Are his books fictitious?

I generally dont read those, but I'm always interested in learning about writers whose writing I've never read before.
Yes, HER books are quite fictitious, but not written as so, and therefore I recommend them even to readers who find themselves hesitant when presented with such reading.
So its written as if its not fictitious, like Mark Twain?

Arent all books of fiction written as if it wasnt?

I'm still not sold, but I'll still give HER books a glance. Maybe SHE can sway me to reading fiction regularly, as opposed to my normal material.
Heh well you have a point, but these books are quite pursuading.
Like Memoirs of a Geisha by Arthur Golden, it's written in an everyday setting in a place that really exists here on planet earth o_O
I have no doubt that some of the things she writes of are more than loosely based around personal experiences...but that's still the case with a lot of writing isn't it? ^.^
Please do have a look before you decide that it's not your kind of book. They're really very amazing, at least in my opinion.
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