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10 Mar 2003
Hello all.

I have a small request.
I am back in Israel, and unfortunately i do not have Japanese enable OS here, so i cannot write in Japanese, only read..
I want to write my friend in Japan, who cannot read any romaji, and let him know that I will be off the net, till I get my new shiny ADSL next week.

So I thought it should be something like

Sumimasen ga ima uchi de interneto ga nai no de nakanaka me-ru dekinai.
Raishuu kara uchi de interneto ga aru tsumori da. Sono toki mata me-ru suru.
Okay, I know my Japanese is really poor..:(
I will be grateful for any corrections, and if anyone can write it in Japanese font and I will simply copy-paste it into the mail, that will be great.

Thanks a lot, and sorry for the bad Japanese..
Konnichiwa Dswbg-san!

I corrected your text but it is very few. Your Japanese is good!👍

Thanks a lot!

i have noticed how much i learn from being corrected by other people.. though most of the people, at least in Japan, will not correct you, even if they have been asked to..
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