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Back and Forth?


5 Feb 2003
Anyone have experince or know anyone who has moved back and forth between the US and Japan more than once as an American/Japanese married couple?

My wife who is Japanese is a here in the states as a Perm. Resident (GreenCard). We have been married nearly Eight years...

Occasionally we seriously consider moving back to Japan. He family is wealthy so there are no immediate work issues, just a concern about Green Cards.

Anyone every change residency, surrender their Green Card and then have difficulty getting one again? US Immigration seems (rightfully so) much tougher nowadays.

I ask for a "just in case scenario".
If we do move back to Japan we will likely finally have kids, making it even more permanent.
But JIC we need to move back for some reason...

Any ideas???
First and foremost "Hi"🙂:
I have no experience in that of what you speak, as I have never been in your predicament🙂:
I'm sure that any member here at the forum that has been will respond asap. Please be patient...🙂:
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