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BAAF coming your way!


17 Jan 2004
:D moshi moshi people!heehe
iS ANYONE HERE GOING TO THIS YEARS BAAF? if you are wondering what it is--> big apples anime festival

its located at Times Square in newyork, i believe a big hotel called Marriot Mariquee lol i dont know how to spell it but there you go!its a big festival were people go there to cosplay and see screenings of anime shows etc. they also have lots of anime goodies to buy and free stuff! yah i love free stuff! last year they had kariokie!!! its basically an anime festival lol :D you get the idea hehe its lots of fun.

That sounds so great! But when is it though? I'm still stuck with school, and the fact that I live in NC, so it might be a bit hard on my financially. I never knew I would be using words like that at such a tender age...

aww how cute!!! ( going crasy) its this summer september 3,4,5 friday through saterday for this year.the days change every year hehe. too bad you live far =( but if you know any other anime conventions please tell!!
Sorry about crashing the thread, but Rio, what part of NC are you from? I'm originally from NC....
Murphy, NC. It's about 20 minutes from the Tennessee border, and about an hour or two to Asheville.

I know of one convention, and that's MetroCon, and will be in July. I might try with the BAAF, but I'll probably have to skip school for one day, or just come a day late. Lol.
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