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azumanga daioh


Baka Gaijin
10 Nov 2003

Not sure where I should post this one, so feel free to move it if necessary.

I am looking for a ring tone for a Sony Ericsson Z600 for the music for azumanga daioh (the short one between the sketches)

Thanks in advance
nospoon, whos that anime chick in your sig...?

Oh yeah... Azumanga Daioh!!! yeahh finally!!!! were you one of the people I told to watch it? Great series!

Which music part are you talking about, I have a ringtone converter thing... Maybe I can make it for you haha!
Originally posted by TyPe-ZeRo
nospoon, whos that anime chick in your sig...?

That's Mint Blacmanche from Galaxy Angel.

Unfortunately, it's pretty rare to find a good amount of anime ringtones alone for the Sony Ericsson. Have a Nokia by any chance?
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