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Azumanga Daioh - Anyone know this?


13 Aug 2003
Anyone ever heard of this anime before? I just saw the first episode, its pretty cool haha! I might consider buying the dvd's
I've seen it...when I was up at Borders...they have the manga of it. But it didn't really interest me all that much...but I've at least heard of it.....sometimes if you go to www.discountanimedvd.com they have pretty good descriptions....you might be able to find one on it....
LoL i watched the first 3, I really LMAO!! I wish they were longer, I like episodes 2 and 3, In episode two, a transfer student from Osaka gets the hiccups, and it doesn't stop for two hours. First they hit her in the back, then the "Solar Plexus" drink juice or something while closing both nose and ears and some other stuff. Its hilarious when one of the girls is hitting her in the back, she's like "Itai, Itai, Itai, Itai" or something, it translates to It hurts , or from what it said in the sub... Someone watch it lol
Lol. this anime/manga is great. :)
I prefer the manga- just because of the "odd" nature of the anime, it can become a bit confusing through all the subs. But all-in-all it's a great story that really has no point, but makes you laugh, so what could be better than that?
Almost like FLCL...makes no sense, but you just can't stop watching/reading it.
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