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Ayashi no Ceres

20 Aug 2003
I have finally sat down and finished all 24 eps if you haven't seen this anime..you are missing out on so..so..much this is a top 3 for me it is kick *** and i cried like a baby from like 19 and up 😭
It's been a few years since I watched it. But I really liked it. I went out and bought the manga but haven't had a chance to read it all yet. It's a lot better than the anime.

Of course, my favorite character is Tooya.

i know :( it was sad i was all like "whhy" and cried like a baby lol ..and yeah i mean..who wouldnt like tooya? i kinda felt bad for yuuhi though poor guy lol
umm... I kinda don't like Toya... though I don't dislike him as much as when I first saw anc... it's a very nice anime, I really like it, it's one of my favorite! 🙂
ok kool im not he only baby! lmao why dont u like tooya? he just wanted to love her and had a messed up life :( lolz
umm... I guess that question was to me? (the toya thing)
well... maybe I didn't ((or don't) so like him because... I just don't like him? actually I don't know... maybe you can help me, if you help me count all his badpoints? ^^; but actually he's quite cool... he's nice to Aya, Aya loves him, he's willing to work hard for everything, and he has so a sad past? <--- I guess this were the... good points?
hes a badass guy and like u said he does everything he can for aya ..even gave up his immortailty to save ehr friends and such...the only real badpoint i can think of is..his sense of humur..he doesnt really have one..hes like..the series ..ninja type kik *** guy on the show lol
hmm... I don't think that's the reasson... but.. maybe I don't like him because I wanted Yuhi and Aya to be tougether? Naww... Ceres and Yuhi would be better...
I gotta say a bunch of thanx to my friend when he lent me his entire DVD volumes of the anime. Yeah, I bursted into tears as well
eh... I really don't like the part, where Aya cuts her hair! In the Manga she does it exidentally... that's better!!!
[originally posted by Akaikiri[/i]
Ayashi no Ceres is a nice anime 窶ヲ but the ending is truly tragic

Agree~ 👏 It's a nice anime but the ending is too tragic for me to take it.. Am ****** for plots with angsty but too much angsty and sad ending is very bad for my weak heart. :mad:

I guess I am one of the weird ones who actually like one of the side character. Watched this anime a few years ago, ok~ abt 2-3 years back so I can't remember her name. My fav character is the gal who pretended to be a boy and is part of the popular boy band of 2. She later used her voice to save Aya... and died... :(

Maybe this is part of the reason Aya is not one of most favorable character.. *sweat* (Actually I kinda hate her... Aya fans.. Gomen! :sorry: Just couldn't relate to why must so many characters died just for her...)
I think the girl you mean is Juno or her other name's Shiro VIB...

the point of cutting her hair? first I thought it was because she wanted to look like Miori, but now that I think again, she maybe just wanted to be someone else, since she couldn't take it that Toya left her then... and in the manga, she didn't do it on purpose... she was drunk... ^^
Oh Mayura, thanQ. *hugz* Am very bad at remembering names.. Yes, I remember now. The girl's name is Shiro. That's my fav. character.. I mean Tooya is good looking but none of the other characters left me a deep impression as much as Shiro.. :box: Thought the way her life ended was like some tragic soap opera but *sweat* I had always been attracted to such angsty.. It would have been better if she didn't die in the end but.. T_T
Originally posted by ||-KeviN-||
:( i don't wanna know the endings :(

You don't?!

Anyway, yeah, Shiro's nice, I like that time when she transformed and sang! ^^ 😊
and umm... you're welcomed, VIB! ;)
I think the ending is too sad too. I like Toya very much but I think what happen to Aya's twin brother is ....too sad. He is really nice, how can Yuu-san let him die :sick: !!! I wish there would be a better ending. Don't you think so?
yeah, his name's Aki... my fav charcter! And yes, it's really sad he died... it would have been nice, if at the end he actually didn't die, and just Mikagi in him got killed and went back with Ceres, right?
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