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Awright, who plays Diablo II?

Sgt. Wang

9 May 2003
I dunno what it is with that game. My fiancee always tells me to get off and stuff (Oh and I'm not an old guy acting young and playing video games. For the record I'm 23.), but it is extremely absorbing. Medeval times make everything oh so much more fun. And if any of you play online, maybe we can play a game or something. I'm on U.S. East and Asia, soo.........................

I'm an uber geek.
Some time ago, I loved diablo2. I had many chars, masses of mules and whatever, but then somehow, all the cheating started.
All the duping, all the shuttling of people through the levels. No one was really playing anymore. Actually, just maphack is IMHO an illegal program giving people an advantage over others and cheating. But no one cares. "everyone does it" is their excuse.
And that's no fun, IMHO. So I stopped playing. My chars got deleted for not playing. Then I played some in our land with the beta patch, and it was fun for a while but just got too repetitive.
Then I stumbled over dungeon siege and played dungeon siege a lot for a while. I didn't play it as long as I played d2, but it was more fun at that time. It was just when I and the group I played with where lost in a desert at night in dungeon siege and decided to split up to find a way out. It was great fun.

Don't get me wrong; d2 is a great and addictive game. But the community destroyed it and blizzard, which didn't punish people enough for using any hack. If blizzard would delete all accounts of all people with duped items or using any additional program, I might play d2 again, but I doubt this will ever happen.

Well, now I still have DS installed, d2 too, but I don't play either of them. What I play is mtgo, ta and avp2. 🙂
2 things. One; have you heard about the new patch, 1.10, that's coming out in just 5 or 6 days? It deletes all dupes, accounts, and all that that have been used for hacking. I've been playing since 2000, and I have never once gotten a paddleboat, mech bot, any hacks, or dupes. My account and chars are totally legit because I don't accept anything from people, except for close friends that don't hack. I think it ruins the game if you fell and get right. I have lvl 99 chars that are all legit (items included), and I have beaten most people I've come up against in PVP, and pvm. And the new patch posts a firewall that blocks any foreign hack and reports it to the system. Blizzard is supposedly supposed to be taking new force and initiative to crack down on all the people, but people are probably just going to find a new way to bypass the firewall. I'll enjoy it as long as it lasts.

Here's the website:

And number two; what's avp2, mtgo, or ta? I've probably played them, but I never abbreviate things. On battle.net, I always thought that 1337 5P34K still sucked, and shortening everything didn't make people understand what I was saying unless I said it in English, or Japanese.
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I hope you didn't get me wrong. I never said that you are cheating in diablo2. :)
it is just that so many do that that it destroys the game IMHO.
I know the 1.1 patches and played it a few times in our home-network with some friends. But well, a blizzard is sooo slow. I don't want to think when it ever will be released. And when it is, two days later and all hacks work again. or most.

Total annihilation is a realtime strategy game from 97, came out at the same time as starcraft. It is that great that 6 years after the game's release, design groups create new races, maps and create mods with beefed up graphics. Right now, a design groups work on creating ta using the engine of an unreal tournament (a first-person shooter), so you can play it both the normal way (from looking above) and switch at any time to a mode where you can control ur units from inside.

avp2 is alien vs predator 2. its a first-person shooter in which you can take the role of a human, an alien or predator. It's lots of fun in multiplayer.

mtgo is the online version of the trading card game "magic the gathering", which exists for about 10 years.

Well, I'm sorry if you got me wrong. Diablo was or maybe is still great. But for me... I don't want to play it anymore.
No, sorry. I wasn't saying that. I was just stating it kinda as a fact. Oh well!:sorry:

Oh and I have played Aliens vs. Predators 2, well I still have it, but I always got my *** handed to me when I played it. I've played Total Annihilation, but my disc broke to that, and I just haven't replaced it. And I do play regularly on Magic the Gathering Online, too. And Unreal Tournament 2003, I rule all. I love first person shooters, and this one kicks. Do you play Unreal Tournament 2003? One of the best........................(at least I think anyways.)

Sorry that I didn't understand your abbreviations, but online, I don't abbreviate my game names, so I had no clue what ta, avp2, or mtgo were ( actually after I posted, I kinda thought to myself, and figured mtgo was Magic the Gathering Online. Kinda feel stupid now!).

Oh and I do like Dungeon Siege, but I kinda don't like the aspect of you having more than one character to control. You have to keep on checking up on the others!!

Ok, well all I was meaning was that there were ways of people not cheating, but on USEast, most people cheat and that's why I just usually stay on Asia, and Europe. I just hate it when my favorite char gets popped, or hacked.
I agree with everything that Maji said in his first post. The reasons he cited are exactly the same as mine for leaving it behind. I used to play that game religiously and at one time had 5 different accounts full of lvl 85+ chars (mostly Barbs, Sorcs, and Zons). The game was good in its time but by today's standards is archaic at best and way to linear imho (PvP and MF, what else? Rush noobs? No thnx...).

Even PvP eventually turned into a joke with 9 out of 10 people being cheap and naked killing, camping corpses, standing just outside town throwing up Hydras, spamming GA or Multi-shot, laying traps, etc. Blah, what a mess. But hey, as long as you're having fun...
Oh, and I have played Aliens vs Predators 2, well I still have it, but I always got my *** handed to me when I played it.[/quote]
yes, you're right. It's tough. The alien campaign was rather easy to play through, but right now, I'm playing the marine campaign on normal, and every few seconds I survive, I hit "quicksave". But too, I can't remember another game being that scary than when you play avp2 as a marine. At one time of an early mission, I was retreating from a tiny alien hive; the teammates shouted every few seconds I should get out, and I saw a bunch of dots on my radar-thingy (=aliens moving closer). and not just one or two but about 5. so I ran backwards and kept laying mines with motion-sensors. I saw then the first explosions as many aliens ran unto them and died but more kept coming. Then I ran out of ammunition and had only 3 life left (of 100), and in the last few seconds of running to the end of the mission, the batteries ran out, so I couldn't use my flashlight and see nothing at all. really great game, though. :)

I've played Total Annihilation, but my disc broke to that, and I just haven't replaced it. And I do play regularly on Magic the Gathering Online, too.
I lost my discs, too, somehow, but I just bought it for a few bucks at eBay again and didn't regret it. and mtgo is fun too. :)

And Unreal Tournament 2003, I rule all. I love first-person shooters, and this one kicks. Do you play Unreal Tournament 2003? One of the best........................(at least I think anyway.)
I'm only interested in UT as far as it is related to the total-annihilation mod built with that engine. Apart from that, I've always been a defender of doom/quake and stuff made with that engine (Wolfenstein). But I don't play those that much anymore since my favorite mod (weapons factory arena) has no good servers in Europe anymore.

Sorry that I didn't understand your abbreviations, but online, I don't abbreviate my game names
sorry for using them. I'm just a lazy typer. 😊

Oh, and I do like Dungeon Siege, but I kind of don't like the aspect of you having more than one character to control. You have to keep on checking up on the others!!
well, that's only in singleplayer. In multiplayer, you control only one. I think that's ok, the only annoying thing is when your equipment is full (even with a mule (the animal you can buy in dungeon siege, not a diablo-mule) and then you need years to check through all what you found and test what is best for your characters.

Ok, well, all I was meaning was that there were ways of people not cheating, but on USEast, most people cheat, and that's why I just usually stay in Asia and Europe. I hate it when my favorite char gets popped or hacked
some time ago, I tried playing diablo again. I was in a funny mood and wanted to make a hardcore smitten in, already doing good damage (and don't forget the knockback, stun and always-hit). But anyway, in act5, I suddenly died by a guided arrow of some LVL 99 amazon. if it wouldn't be a normal char, I would just curse and forget it, but it was my hardcore character! :angryfire:
with that, I gave up on diablo.
Yeah, I did that one time in diablo II, and I got to level 57 all by myself ( I was so proud, I'm one of those people that hates rushing). Then I went to a game, and walked out of town by myself to kill some monsters, and someone thinks it's cool to go hostile on me and kill me. Now given that I'm 57, and he was 88, there was no contest and I didn't even fight him. He kinda just killed my hardcore azn while I was running back to town to save my life. People can be EXTREMELY stupid. I quit for a year, (roughly 12 1/2 months) and started up this summer again, with the promise of 1.10 patch. If the patch goes awry in any way, I will be pissed as hell.

Oh and more on the AVP2, Yeah, I absolutely hate the marines. It was extremely difficult to do anything, and the alien's acid kills me all the freaking time. I hate playing with the aliens, and hate playing against them. So I always am the predators, but I kinda don't like the fact that you do everything alone. If I had more predators on my team, then I would be a very good player. For the record, I'm decent at the predator, but I'm better as the Marine.
Ohhh man diablo 2, that's where it all started for me with the online games, Although it got really bad twords the end with all the dubs and ith running around. It's where i got my passion for online games, i remember spending countless hours mfing, countless hours pling, countless hours of cowing.

The thing that got me on that game was mfing myself I love to do it, didn't matter what dropped i had to i.d. it hoping for that urban weapon or charm.

Imho diablo 2 is a great place for starting online games it teaches ya the basics, with that i mean you learn how to make friends, you learn how to do online trading, you learn not to trust anyone you don't know (i think all of us have been ripped off once of twice)

Diablo 2 i honestly think had a genious idea with the pre, and suf on items, and weapons making thousand of combos for a hunting to go out and find. I also quit awhile after the ith's started comming out but that was about after a year on the game, even though it was a bad end to a great game, i wouldn't give up those days for anything while i was gamming on their meeting friends etc. I Still game with the people i meet on D2 today. :cool:

Iron made me a god at that game when we used to play.
You made yourself an uber PvP'er Manny back in the day. I just helped mold you a little along the way...
I liked DS even if multiplayer wasn't all it could have been. Haven't heard to much about the sequel but i'm sure it will do well.
Played Diablo 2, even had a lvl 42 Paladin (everybody loved the insanely upgraded thorns Aura) and a hardcore lvl 20 necro. It just got too repeditive for my liking. I mean the same three types of maps over and over and over again, with the same enemies. The cheating did me in finally. IT was fun while it lasted though.

afterward I moved back to my favorite game, Starcraft. Im sorry, there has never been a game since SC that has matched it in it. Even after 6 years, the graphics are still decent and it has the best playability I have ever experienced, which says all about how well the game was designed. My friends all play tonnes of video games, and are all into Command and Conquer Generals now but I'd rather play SC than CC generals any day.

Blizzards is still the best game maker out there
Im sorry, there has never been a game since SC that has matched it
a lot of people are another opinion. :) there are lots of websites out there with titles like "why total annihilation is better than starcraft" or "total annihilation compared to starcraft".
And I personally think too that ta is superior to starcraft in many aspects. And I'm not alone with that. Even these days, 6 years after the release of ta (about a month later then starcraft), there is daily news to ta about new units released, new maps, new mods etc.
Some design groups even use the ut engine to create a 3d-ta where you can play it from a normal view from the top or inside the units.
Starcraft ain't bad. Granted. but I think ta is better. :)
Im a great Pker on D2, until I used maphack to rush for some nice items, then i lost it all, decided "what the heck. I'll wait 'til 1.10" and I still await the coming of the salvation on b.net...WHERE IS 1.10!!! the day it comes out, the day my party starts 🍾
Yeah, where is that patch? They got one for single player, but it's not fun unless it's online......................................

Even though some single player games I like better than the MMORPG's or the online FPS.

Oh and TA kingdoms were my fave. type of TA.
Awww man..............................👍

Oh and SC is really fun and all too.

I also agree that SC is superior to TA, but if it were SC and TA kingdoms, I'd pick kingdoms. That was the best version.........
Well, you can play the 1.1 patches in multiplayer. But just not in the battlement. Play it over a LAN (local area network).

And. I didn't really like kingdoms. dunno why.
I don't dislike starcraft either. but... it's just bad compared to ta. Starcraft is fun at times, but... ta is more fun. Simply. Well, for me. and for thousands of others. :)

Oh, and about maphack... I read on blizzards site that they keep banning peoples cd-keys or deleting their accounts for duping/using maphack and such cheating. I hope they don't say it just to scare people off.
If they would immediately ban forever all peoples keys who cheat in any way, no matter if its maphack or creating dupes, then I would perhaps play d2 online again.
I'll give TA the only game that can match starcraft, but Starcraft was the "complete package"". Artwork and story wise Starcraft completely blew TA out of the water. It was a conceptual gem. Strategy wise yes TA did give more options to the player, but sometimes that isn't necessarily a good thing. I am a huge stragtegy game fan, and the best games for pure strategy is the V for Victory line put out by atomic games in 1995, which simulates Theater sized battles during WW2. But the level of control you get there is time consuming and not for everybody. TA has more options than SC, but its SC simplicity that makes it even more attractive to me. Starcraft is like the Boardgame Othello, "a minute to learn, a lifetime to master".

Also TA needs mods to make it better than starcraft then TA originally isn't better than Starcraft. Waaaay more people play Starcraft in its original form than TA, 6 years after it was distributed, and still there are tens of thousands who still play it today. So you can't say that advertising had anything to do with its current sucess at keeping people playing. Starcraft and broodwars doesn't need fancy addons to make it better because really it is at the pinnacle of its sucess..
if you like starcraft better, then it's great. :) everyone his own, I guess. :)
but there is so much I have in ta that I miss in starcraft.
Especially handling. Like, ta is made for big battles with lots of players on big maps, in general. With masses of units, while starcraft is more made for battles with few units. Thus, ta made that way that it demands more attention of the player to macro-management, like commanding whole armies, while half-automizing the micromanagement. Like, you can create an unlimited queue of different units to produce at a factory. You can let the new units automatically be assigned to a group with a hotkey, so you don't have to search for them, set their behaviour automatically (follow enemies? follow how much? hold fire, return fire, don't fire. shoot only at armed enemy units or at all), tell them where to move and patrol once finished automatically, so they don't clutter around the region of the factory.
This isn't necessary for starcraft. Starcraft is, as said, about a few units, so it doesn't matter if you have to assign them to a group by hand.
the following link is getting deeper into the differences between starcraft and ta:

As said, I don't think one is better than the other. It is just that I like ta more. And others like ta more. While again, others like starcraft more. Both games are very successful.
I like it when I play with a friend over our network against several improved AI's, and we can help each other all the time. Send each other units and even give control of units to other players. We can give each other radar posts in our bases, so we know how threatened our partner is by the ai, and shouts like "I NEED ENERGY FAST!" are common in each game when one of us is attacked and all energy-weapons are firing and using up the energy. Then one player can help out the other in giving him energy. When I got more than a specific amount of energy, you can even set it like, the excess is automatically distributed among all allied players of mine. Same with other resources, too, of course.
At times, one of us got nearly destroyed by an ai, but thx to an escort of the other player, rescued some important units to the other players base. The player with the working base shares completely all his resources with the victim of the ai, and then the rescued player starts building a new base near or inside the other players base where it's protected.

it's just great fun. :) Or when you just thought, "I've anti-nuke silos, I have a great defence, all is fine", and suddenly a building in your base explodes because a gigantic long-range weapon of the computer fired over half the map and hit your base. then, of course, the panic starts in the game. :) This happens in most longer games sooner or later. And then you can help each other out fine. Like when my allied player is attacked by such a weapon and concentrated on tanks/mechs and such stuff, he might be too slow to take out the weapon before his base takes too much damage or before something vital is hit, like a fusion plant which would blow up half of the base. Then my Allie tells me the rough direction the shots are coming from; I take some stealth and high-speed planes and send them over the computer's base. Of course, the planes don't last too long since we play against pretty strong ai's, so I have to hurry to find out the big gun's exact place, which is about to destroy my friends base. Then I can either assign a big group of bombers to attack that gun while he sends out his ground troops if my planes don't succeed, and so on.
or very often, it happens that just when your defence is about to break apart under the computers attacks, a big unit is ready and forces the computers troops back... ah well, I could speak hours over the great fun we have when playing ta. :)
even the way the physics are simulated is great. Like when late in the game, the computer sends a scout plane to check your base, and his scout rushes at high speed in the direction of your base. First, your radar finds that scout gives the information to a special building that costs masses of energy to use. But that building passes the radar's information on to your anti-air defences, which then aim at the scout even before they see it themself. When it is in range, they start firing, so the only thing that really reaches your base are pieces of the destroyed scout, still flying and spreading in the direction the scout headed, and which rain down on your base.
ok..*points at last post* well, a bit long to read through...bu anyway, back on the subject of D2. Anyone else try the beta and kill Baal with an old |-|AxX0r3D 1.09 charactreer? his drops level is a bit lower it seems.
Yes, they took off the mf adding to the drops from all the Act bosses, and it's kinda odd to get rare, and magical drops when you have 540 mf on...
Oh and I think Maji has a great love for TA,.....so I'm not sure which game is better, but I know who is more passionate for their game.........

hee hee *snicker*
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