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7 Oct 2003

If anyone knows where i can find some avatars could you please give me the web addys for them i really would like a new pic for this thing

🙂 thank you 🙂

👏 I just love these smileys 👏

ecsepecially this one 🙂
(spelling ^)
umm i dont know any site where you can get avatars of this size, i know how to make them though, or you could. just crop and resize the pic to 64x64 pixels as a .gif or .jpg
FYI: yesterday I have added 51 new images to our default list of avatars. :)
whoa! i didnt realize there was that many to begin with, never knew there was more than one page of them lol.

ps. that whistling monkey thing is crazy

I really do not care what pic you use. but do you think they could either have a dragon or a fairy.

🙂 thanks bunches
nice... sites... eto... I know the first one is in german! 3. = english, 2.=?
anyway, I found a lot of nice avy sites, when I searched for avatars at google.

Hey i got my new avator and i got more to on my file.

I Love It> :D

🙂 Thank You all for your help
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