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Auto Modellista?


20 Dec 2002
Have any of you played it? If you have, was it good and is it woth buying?

I'm thinking of buying it but I'm not surem since all I know about it is that it has great graphics, and only good graphics doesn't make a game good...
i just rented this game, it seems you can level up your car fariyl easy but so far i dont like the driving much, as the car tend to slow alot and loose contol when i slide it, but i just used a standard stock car to test real quick and have only played for about 10 mins so far...

the graphics are everything youve heard plus more they are really detailed.
Great looking game and the cell-shaded graphics are a nice change of pace from your typical polygonal fare. Unfortunately the actual gameplay is a bit lacking with absolutely horrendous control mechanics. The game also heavily leans towards drifting (not necessarily a bad thing) but for some people they may be turned off by it. Personally, the amount of customization in the game is hands-down awesome with more than enough goodies to unlock (there is no money system ala Gran Turismo though). Overall, a good game for car enthusiasts but as an arcade-style racer, it might be a bit frustrating. Better to go with Midnight Club II if you prefer a more "open it up and let it rip" style of driving that unfortunately doesn't have nowhere near the same amount of customization as Modellista (cars are already tricked out). Or just be like me and buy both games, lol. 8-p
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