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Australia Society BBQ - Tokyo - 31st May


13 May 2003
The Australia Society is holding it's annual BBQ on the 31st May. ツ?This year, as always, there will be all the great food, beverages and fun that this event is famous for. ツ?

You don't need to be a member of the society, or even Australian, to come along and enjoy the fun.

Date: ツ?31 May 2003
Time: ツ?6:30-10:30
Venue: ツ?Australian Embassy Garden
Cost: ツ?竄ャ7,000 members
ツ? ツ? ツ? ツ? 竄ャ9,000 guests ツ?
(this price is all inclusive)

What you get:
* great food cooked on the BBQ's by a horde of hunky Aussie blokes (vegetarian selections available)
* ツ?the largest selection of salads, side dishes and desserts you have ever seen
* ツ?all the beer, wine and softdrinks you need to compliment the food
* ツ?live music
* lucky door prizes

For more information and booking please check the ツ? Australia Society web page in the Events section

Or send an email to [email protected]
Sounds like a blast (not to mention a great deal). I just wish I could be there. Hope you have a great turnout.
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