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18 Mar 2003
any astroboy fans out there?
i'm writing an assignment about manga and anime, mostly about Astroboy.
would like some comments aubout the series from the japanese point of view.
please post some comments!
love from Lotion, Denmark


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Although i'm not Japanese, I am a fan so i'll throw my hat into the arena so to speak. Classic character who's definitely been elevated to an almost iconic status I think. Was definitely ahead of it's time and from what I understand it was one of if not the first comic to be animated in Japan and shown on Fuji Television at the time in black and white during the sixties.

Osamu Tezuka the creator who was responsible for Astroboy died in 1989 I believe after doing some 150,000+ pages of manga art and over sixty or so animated features if memory serves. If anything, I think Astroboy really set the tone for what would become the future of Anime with lots of compelling story elements and an engaging cast of supporting characters. Atlas, his arch-nemesis is just plain cool!

My fav Astroboy power though has to be the fact that he had incredible strength with something like 800 hp in his rocket-powered arms, lol how cool is that? 8-p
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