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Astro Boy theme song at the JR Station.


9 May 2003
Mina-san! Konnichiwa!
Please tell me, is JR Takadanobaba St. in Tokyo still broadcasting the Astro Boy theme song melody / chime? Do you know any other popular anime chimes in Tokyo? Please tell me about them.
Thanks in advance! Irena
Princess Mononoke

So far I watched 3 Studio Ghibli anime movies (Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke and Laputa) and although they areall great I chose to vote for Princess Mononoke.
Domo arigato gozaimasu!
Anyone knows the names and/or history of any other melodies/chimes?
P.S. Hey, Enfour-san, our Avatars seem to be from the same Hello Kitty family (^-^) Nice to meet you 🙂
Thank you very much, Enfour-san!
I already saw the page on the other thread... :) It's fun to hear the sounds again (I miss Tokyo so much...). The problem is I can't read Japanese, and also I can't tell from hearing the melody where it comes from (a movie? a popular song? anything else, except the Atom Boy?) Anyone can tell me the stories, please do :)
Thank you, again! (and I enyoyed the pic of Le Mannequin Pis on the Yamanote29 page you've posted. I saw it in a book before, and was wondering where I should have been looking for it in Tokyo... well, I hope next time I'm in Tokyo I will see it "in person")
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