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aspiring hashiriya


13 Sep 2003
hello...I'm new...

I live in Cincinnati, Ohio which is in the United States. I'm 17 years old and I'm an aspiring hashiriya. I love anime and video games, but my love for the Japanese culture and the hashiriya lifestyle will outlast any of those. I plan on moving to Japan once I graduate from college(which will be in about five years) and then I will pursue my dream, which is to be a professional racer in the JGTC(Japan Grand Touring Championship or something like that).
Greetings and welcome. If you're into the racing scene, make sure to check out the zero-yon and wangan peeps that hangout all night in the Tokyo area should you ever get the chance. I'm sure you would love it.
thanks...I love wangan style racing. zero-yon is okay...I got kind of bored with it lately, but touge is my main thing. It's what I think about almost all the time.
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