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Asking guidance


25 Aug 2015
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I'm a High School Graduate from India (WB) and I would like to have some guidance about study and having a job in Japan or other Asian countries. I think I have two options: I can either study undergraduate course, or after it doing post graduate and then get a job. I have studied in Science in High School and job opportunities are in bad condition after graduation. I asked many people, including my parents , but no help. I don't have friends or relatives too who are working in Japan or Singapore. I have sufficient financial support.I don't know Japanese much fluent yet, but I think I have 4-5 years to make it sufficient if there is really good chances to have job there.

Please will anyone be kind enough to help me and tell me in which profession it will be easy to have a Job with handsome salary. (Well, of course I know for HANDSOME salary I must score excellent in graduation; I believe I can do it.)
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