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Asian Emcee from United States


13 Nov 2003
my music
my pix of me,Thai aznraps.com and Jin asian rapper from Ruff Ryders

Hey wassup this is Invazn
Im am very serious about looking for hip hop promoters or anyone that knows alot about Japan hip hop to help me promote my album.
I have reached #3 on the Soundclick.com Hot and Unsigned Charts and #3 on the hip hop charts. I get about 4,000 song plays a month off my page. I really want to make a big impact in Japan with my music and is looking for any help I can get . My email is [email protected] my AIM is Invaznemcee . Please any feedback will help.Dj's promoters rappers Bboys/ bgirls fans can hit me up with details on what or who I can get in touch with . Thanks
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