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Asia Europe Manga Media project.


11 Aug 2003
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Dear All,

It has been a while since my last thread in September 2003. Then, I decided to create a publishing company aimed at mangas.

With the participation of other friends professionals of the entertainment industry, we have decided to launch a new strategy.

We have decided to create a new label: DELARTE Global Communications.
Our goal is to distribute Asian films, animedia and books in Europe, the first countries being the United Kingdom and France.

Our team 👍 is made of:
- one legal and business affairs executive specialised in the entertainment and copyright;
- two sales and marketing managers;
- one acquisition executive;
- one publicity assistant.

Our first media will be the DVD, as London possesses the finest staff, facilities and financial resources in terms of DVD authoring in Europe.

Our main point is now to acquire several DVD licenses from Europe and Asia for the following genres: horror, animedia, thriller and science-fiction.
We are keen on acquiring rights for Manga, Martial Arts films AND Martial Arts training videos. The training videos presents a martial art master training with students in order to educate the audience: these will be videos to learn the basics of martial arts.

DELARTE is being run under English law, and is located in London.

The basic offer to our licensors and partners is a straight-distribution deal with a 10% to 25% royalty for the DVD and all related publishing/marketing distribution.
The costs of distribution will be at our charge, and our partner will have to obtain all the licenses required to exploit the DVD in the United Kingdom and France (i.e: music and copyright).

Contact us through emails sending your proposals including what you produce and want to distribute in the United Kingdom and France.
If you are a distribution/producer/publishing company willing to sell rights for the UK and Western Europe, please contact our Legal or Acquisition Department to the following email address: [email protected].

If you are an artist/ independent producer and have any queries about our company, you can contact us at: [email protected].

Contact us at:
Delarte Global Communications
246 Francis Rd
E10 6NJ
United Kingdom

We also have an office in Paris, France:
Chastang Publications
24 rue de la Tour
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