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ARTICLE: Japan to Extend Visa Duration for Koreans

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14 Mar 2002
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Reported by Digital Chosun, Nov. 8, 2001:

Japan to Extend Visa Duration for Koreans
By Kwon Dae-yeol ([email protected])

Japanese newspapers, including the Nihon Keizai, reported Tuesday that their government was extending the period of stay for Koreans with a pre-travel tourist visa to 90 days from the current 15 days, and the validation of the visa will be extended to up to five years from the current one for the upcoming World Cup, co-hosted by the two countries next year. However, Seoul is insisting on the elimination of the pre-travel visa for short stays, as Korea is the only country among OECD members that Japan requires this of.

A government official speculated that Japanese government mentioned the visa issue to gauge public opinion in Korea before a consul-level meeting scheduled within this year, and said that as the two nations are co-hosting an international soccer event and exchanges are increasing, it does not make sense that Japan requires a pre-travel visa for Korean nationals.

Seoul is in the process of negotiating with Tokyo to conduct an experimental no pre-travel visa entry during next year at least, as the World Cup games are taking place in both countries. However, the Japanese legal affairs bureau is opposed to this, citing worries of a possible increase in illegal aliens and social problems.

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