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art school in Japan


28 Nov 2003
I am moving to Japan, and will live there for quite some time. I am very interested in returning to college. I have a previous degree, but my grades weren't the best. I've grown up a lot since then, and have my priorities much more in order. At my current age (31) I don't want to put school off any more. I want to go to school to earn a degree in fine art photography while in Japan, but I here that colleges in Japan are all but impossible to get in to. I will be living in Yokosuka, and was wondering if anyone has any information or stratagies they can offer?...

Sorry but can't give you any helpful advice because I did not study art in Japan.

It is true that most, if not all, "art" universities are almost impossible to get in. A lot of Japanese high schoolers go to private or commercial art schools after school to improve their artistic skills so they can have at least a chance to try out.... I know for sure that most Japanese art universities are unbelievably competitve even if you get in. Most importantly, the cost of studying art(photography included) is high. The prices of art materials are OUTRAGEOUSLY expensive!!!

I recommend bringing as much art supplies as possible before you come here because most of my friends and myself have done the same. A lot of people also order art supplies from overseas, just FYI.

As for schools, try checking the universities and colleges in Yokosuka area because they may have decent and cheaper FA programs.
If you are still in the states, I suggest getting into a prestigious *relatively* American school, and transferring to an overseas school.

Its worth a shot, I'd say.
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