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Art Aquarium Tokyo Nihonbashi Gold Fish and Koi Exhibit | Made in Tokyo


2 Feb 2021
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Art Aquarium Tokyo Nihonbashi Gold Fish Exhibit | Made in Tokyo
Japanese look forward to the Art Aquarium 's spectacular goldfish show every summer, an experience that has attracted more than 10 million people since it first took place in 2007. Today, at the end of August, Art Aquarium is launching its first permanent facility in Nihonbashi, where visitors can see 30,000 goldfish swimming in glass containers of all shapes and sizes, illuminated with rotating projections and multicolored lights. Each viewing room is built to be a treat for the eyes and ears in a double-storey facility. Hidetomo Kimura, creator of Art Aquarium, who considers fish as living works of art and wanted to merge a specially built room with the beauty of nature to construct glittering spectacles, is the head of the Art Aquarium. Koi fish and goldfish are an important component of Japanese waterscapes, and Kimura views fish as an element of Japanese art that is often ignored. On Friday, August 28, the Art Aquarium opens.
Tickets are available for ¥2,300 or about $23 (¥2,000 for entry after 6 pm); free access for children 12 years of age and under.

Address: 1 Chome-3 Nihonbashihoncho, Chuo City, Tokyo 103-0023 More information
HERE ➡️ ART AQUARIUM More information
HERE ➡️ Art Aquarium's first permanent museum is now open in Nihonbashi


6 Mar 2003
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Wow that’s a lot of goldfish. They must have goldfish funerals on a daily basis.
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