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15 Nov 2002
bloody animal abusers!

Starving dogs lead police to raid pet grooming school

ODAWARA, Kanagawa -- Police have raided a pet grooming school under suspicion it violated animal protection laws by allowing dogs kept at the facility to starve to death.

National Police Agency officials said that the crackdown by Kanagawa police was based on the unusual allegation that dogs at the school were in a weakened state.

From Aug. 19 to Sept. 12, the school operators allegedly gave no food or water to eight dogs kept at the facility in the Kanagawa prefectural town of Manazuru. Three of the animals died, said Odawara Police Station officers.

The operators had kept and sold dogs at the school for years, but its sanitation conditions had deteriorated since the summer of last year, local sources said.

The police began investigating the school after receiving a complaint filed by members of a private animal protection group, Yokohama Dog Rescue.

The members found the dead dogs on Sept. 12 when they visited the facility, prompted by a local resident's report. (Mainichi Shimbun, Japan, Oct. 15, 2003)

saw the news report on tv....it was baaaaaaaaaaaaaad! :(
That is one thing that kind of surprised me about some of the Japanese people I knew. Some of them kind of acted like they didn't owe their animals anything, really. Many of them don't spay or neuter, either. When I got a cat before my husband and I got married, I told him I would have to take him to the vet to get "fixed" and he was like "why?!". Also, my friend's chihuhua used to escape and run all over the neighborhood terrorizing everybody and then she would wonder why he did it. I mentioned something about him not being neutered and she'd never heard of doing such a thing...
o O (something about a chihuahua terrorising a neighbourhood makes me laugh..)

in england people love their pets a lot but there are some exceptions and stories such as this one...which isnt good!
:D Well, it is funny, given their size. But you know how chihuahuas can be. They try to act vicious and bark non-stop. He would go around getting all the other dogs--that were properly constrained--all riled up. He was really irritating...
I have to admit to being appalled by the pet shops here - The ones I saw were generally dirty, kittens in tiny cages filled until they can hardy move, monkeys that look like they going out of their mind with boredom (pacing continuously), sick hamsters and being a bird owner in NZ I was horrified to see beautiful birds left to pick at their own feathers (boredom & sickness)
Of course some big chain pet stores are great, and I know abuse of animals is a worldwide problem. :(

I am such a big softy when it comes to animals - I felt so sad all day after seeing a snake run over :( Going to these pet stores makes me sick so I avoid them - I wish I could help somehow though....
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