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Arnie in Tokyo


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14 Mar 2002
Austria's pride, Arnold Schwarzenegger, on promotion tour in Japan:

"Actor Arnold Schwarzenegger launches a tourism campaign with L.A. Mayor Jim Hahn and L.A. Dodgers pitcher Kazuhisa Ishii in Tokyo on Friday."

When will he finally run for governor in California? :D


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There are people in Austria who'd love to see him as federal president, but hey, he became US citizen.
hmmm...I wonder if them guys that did the ahnold phone pranks will start doing them in nihongo? :O

@ arnold,, hmmmm nice work! I'm being very careful with my words!!!! I really mean "nice bu##" lolol😊 😊
More on Arnie's Japan connection:

Leaked Schwarzenegger ad draws legal fire

The Hollywood megastar is not generally known for endorsements, but he gamely plays the role of a boxed entertainment export in a commercial in Japan. He also dons a fake mustache and a wig to portray a reporter and "funky guy" in the production, which was not meant for release in the United States. But it has slipped onto the Web.

=> http://news.com.com/2100-1023-244054.html?legacy=cnet

But Arnie doesn't want us to know about that connection:

Arnold Terminating Website

Apparently Arnold Schwarzenegger doesn't want Webheads to know he's a sell out. Everyone's favorite Terminator, who usually refrains from doing commercial endorsements in the United States, is looking to snuff out a Website that shows a goofy Japanese ad in which he hawks DirecTV.

The ad, which is being streamed at Zero One Design's Gaijin a Go Go, features Ah-nuld donning several disguises, from a flag-waving politician, to a news reporter, to a football coach, to a dorky mustachioed, curly-wig-wearing TV viewer, all to promote the export of American entertainment to Japan. The 15-second spot ends with the actor himself actually getting boxed up and shipped away.

=> Breaking Celebrity News, Entertainment News and Celeb Gossip - E! Online

Catch the Terminator as TV Pitchman--But Hurry!

=> ifilm.com domain name is for sale. Inquire now.

As a fellow Austrian I have no scrupels to publish the pics in question, lol.

Golly, what people do for money...

Here's the website that had been forced to remove the Arnie content.

=> ogaijinagogo.com - investir sabs apport dans l'immobilier
We need to find that clip and make it a mission to see why he wanted to take it off the air, aside from perhaps it being just a silly commercial....
I recall about a decade ago, Arnie was doing the ads for Arinamin V drink popping out of the bottle like a djinn (or genie) and doing a "victory" sign at the camera, saying "Dai Jo Vui!" laughing his head off all the while.....that's another commercial we need to find....it was hilarious and cool looking at the same time..... :D


That's a great page! Added it to our directory.
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