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Are you a junior member or a higher ranck

Which are you? junior member or a higher statis

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16 Apr 2002
Konichiwa!!! Hello Vote on my poll wether you are a junior member like me or a higher statis???
Hi Koji,

let me add that all members are equal on our board, there aren't any "ranks" nor is there a hierarchy (hey, we maintain a civilian forum *G* ).

But seriously, the quality of a posting does not depend on someone's user status.

Currently, our user titles are as follows:

Junior Member
Member (Minimum Posts: 30)
Senior Member (Minimum Posts: 100)
Old Japan Hand (Minimum Posts: 500)
Veteran (Minimum Posts: 1000)

Once again, these titles should not be viewed as incentive to embark on a posting spree. ;)
There are a quite a lot of forums that resorted to deleting user titles. Anyhow, it seems that rank and brass still stimulate the human ego.

Just the $ 0.02 of a modest junior member. :D
I believe that user titles are true to some people, a pain in the neck(haha) , however to those of us who are less familiar with forums etc.; and the people to whom we post messages to are at a glance aware of our status, and if we write something silly or of no connection to the thread, it allows a bit of tolerance on the side of the existing members. It makes us feel less intimidated by the forum experts.

I'm sure by now I've made at least a dozen mistakes, and the members here tolerate or overlook it because of my status, and for that, I thank you,
debs xx
Well, this forum is just a few weeks old, so there aren't too many forum experts around yet. And I do hope from the bottom of my heart that there's nothing intimidating about our board (apart from the design). :)
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Thanks for your kind words, Deborah. It feels good to have dedicated members!

If there'll ever be a user title such as "Forum Expert" it has to be you! :)
veteran = 1000 posts = drinking beer and living on the Japan Forum.

It's a nice day outside today :D
quote [Forum Expert it has to be you]

I have laughted all day, that served me right, I walked blind folded into that one, excellent Thomas your wit is wasted on a forum, but I must add it great to have it here, believe me its coming from the expert.haha
Originally posted by moyashi
veteran = 1000 posts = drinking beer and living on the Japan Forum.

It's a nice day outside today :D
Getting hot and steamy here too. I am dreaming of a cool Asahi Dry, mmmmmmmmhhhh...

Deborah, you are hereby officially marked as potential "F.E." ! :)
;) had one last night .... errr make that 2 500ml ... hick ...

went wild vegetable hunting for "Ainu-negi also called Georgia Nin-niku" ... a spinach type flower that tastes like Garlic.

Enjoyed Gengis-Kahn ... yakinuku but with Lamb meat too :D
We have a similar plant here, called "allium ursinum" ("Bear's Leek"), smelling very, ehm, intensive. Now it's season. Ainu-negi, hehe; probably the same plant.

Btw, my wife prepared it once gyoza-style. :lick:
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I like em just cuz that they sort of provide an insentive sometimes.
I was so happy when I made the 1,000 veteran mark at another site. LOL ... doesn't really mean much but still.

Although, I like them still they shouldn't be all important.
wow moyashi you must have been there an eternity lol just kidding of course

thats great, hope someday I will have the honour of becoming a veteren of our much loved forum here,🙂

untill then I will just post and be happy😄
thanks, it was posting 6-7 messages a day for close to 6 months that did it

crazy but I was learning a lot at the same time.
1000 beers is definitely a lot of brown bombers!!!!!! That's a lot of visits to the Kirin (or Saporo) Beer Hall!!!!!!!!!

hehe ... I'm a Asahi Super Dry fan! Even though I live in Sapporo !

Sapporo Beer is good too though and my favorite backup beer.
drinking beer and posting...sounds like I could really like it here.

what could be better than drinking beer and talking/learning about Japan???
dinking beer here in Japan ;)

The Biru-en(s) have started up !!!
Parks and builiding tops get turned into big Oktober fest like places ... hick
Do they have wheat beer in Japan? That (and black bread) are the only things I'm really missing while being abroad.
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