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Are you a Half-Japanese or Nikkei?


25 Dec 2003
Are you a Half-Japanese or Nikkei??

I'd like to have a friend who is a Half-Japanese or Nikkei from all over the world.
Yoroshikkune! I'm deaperate.
well,I'm Japanese girl.23 years old.I often go abroad easily.

Unfortunately,I'm too busy to spend a lots of time on here,so please mail me direct!! talk about your culture and many things later!!
...yeah but how do you expect anyone to email you when you dont leave your address or even let members email you from the forum?
I think she meant nisei :)
but I'm not sure
maybe she knows something I don't

edit: nikkei? which is like wall street over there? I don't know :) really
"Nikkei" has more than one meaning. It can mean anyone of japanese origin, not necessarily Nisei. "Nikkei Brazil jin" would mean a Brazilian of Japanese descent.

The newspaper Nippon Keizai Shimbun (Japan Economics Newspaper) gets contracted to Nikkei. It's the Wall Street Journal of Japan
Hi it's me again

oh well I expected to accept email to my index box here?does it exist o yours,too?I think ,so.

Yes,Nikkei is any Jpanese descent.
Someone is half japanese,someone is quater japanese....
Anything could be OK.

Half Japanese

I'm half Japanese. I live in Portland, Oregon and have lived in Japan for a couple of years. I am very interested in half Japanese issues and I've been building a website at halvsie.com with forums and everything. You should check it out.


I am a Nikkeijin. I'm about 65% Japanese. So I am more then half Japanese and that's great heh.

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