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Are there any Tenchu fans at there?


15 Jan 2004
Tenchu is my favorite action-adventure game and especially Tenchu: Wrath of Heaven, so are there someone who played any of those three, great games? Just asking.
I've got a few of the older titles. Waiting for the new one to be released this week.
I have the Original Tenchu and it is one of my favorite PS1 games along with MGS. I accually played the 2nd first, and though it was good and I was surprised that the 1st was alot better, IMO.
yeah they're great games, i have 1 & 2 wandering around here somewhere, 3 is actually in my ps2 right now. the only thing i didnt like about it was that it didnt have a training mission, i beleive the xbox vesion does though. then theres another one meant to be comming out in the ps2 soon, with ayame and another girl, i guess taking place during the time riki was 'dead'
Tell me about it EscaFlowne, though I don't own my coppy of that game because I have only PS1, I still bought it for my friends birthday together with my other friend and played first two levels of Rikimaru and first of Ayame on my stepbrother's PS2 while he was at work and then I was playing it at my friend's house and go up to the cemetary level last time I was there and in versus mode, if I playing as Rikimaru agains my friend, I'm unbeatable, lol! Hey, check out my banner I have Riki from the first there and my favorite Tenchu quotes: "Live by honor. Kill by stealth" and "Move like a shadow. Strike like a snake." lol To be honest, I hadn't played Tenchu: Stealth Assassins because I didn't had my PS1 yet, but I saw my stepbrother playing it and then when we bought Tenchu2, well mostly he bought it I played it and beated it all except for the levels requiring stelth, lol! And that new Tenchu game, supposed to be called Tenchu: Kurinai or something like that and the version for the X-box is called Tenchu: Return from the darkness and I think it have a slightly different story line. Hey, if you are Tenchu fans, check out the site known as Tenchu Checkpoint, I'm a member of Azuma clan there and member on the forum that a great site! It's unoficial though, lol!
"Live by honor. Kill by stealth"
I feel a sig comeing up for me!

Yea the game is soooooooo hott. ME and my friends play it all the time. There's this little side even where you fight these boses over and over. its starts with a fat guy and a guy with a gun the goes to.....something i believe......then there's those two samuraii's. Man its soooooooooo much fun! i like when they combine thier attack to kill someone!

Yeah and I love doing Wrath of Heaven, thou i made only two that connected, lol! First one was on poor Ayame that my friend was playing and second one on that bodyguard with a gun and a sword, lol All of others, ether missed or were stoped before even started lol! By the way, I like your banner! Mine was made for me by my friend from Japanimie1312, Savage Dragon, Who I call Savage and others call him Savage D or SD! The only problem with your banner is that some people might think that you are perverted or something, lol! Never mind about that, it was mearly a joke, lol!
I love my banner. I hope they don't think i'm a perv...
[eyes cut from left to right....]
because i'm not...my friend made it for me.
[yours is really good except that frist sentence is kind a hard to read on the right side.]
I know, I should let him select the colors, but no I specified them to be white and red, though he worned me that they would not look that good and yes I recomend Tenchu Check Point too, the ultimate guide for troat sliting Meyhem and don't foget to check out pics and comics by Faily, she's realy good at it!
Bam!!! *He colides with Rikimaru in the shadows* Rikimaru:"Where do you think you're going enimy spy?! I will not let you get away from here, let's fight!In case you hadn't noticed, that was my shadow you just slashed, now prepare for battle to decide who's better; Tenchu ninja or Ninja Gaiden ninja!"
Tell me about it HyperTokyo and I just got a translation for that song by the way the song called Destiny and her's English translation:

Ending the light, which we call l"ove",
Wandering in the darkness...

Passing the illusion, which we call "dream",
The nameless bloom, scatters away...

Lost in a path, where there is no wind,
Come to a stop, standing in the rain...

Burning the short, life what they have,
who is it that you smile softly for...
Little bloom?

Being blown by the wind, under the red moonlight,
Thinking of the old home, as smell of grass rises.

Two shadows run, as the wind is strong,
Even if they are gone, blown by the wind...

In the next life, they will repeat the same,
As nameless bloom, they scatter away...



Ai toiu, hikari mo tome,
Yami no naka ni, Samayoi...

Yume toiu, maboroshi wo tootte
Namo naki hana, Chiriyuku...

Kaze naki, michi ni mayoi
Ame ni utare, Tatazumu...

Chiisana, inochi moyashi,
Dare no tame ni, hohoremu...

Akai tukiyo no, kaze ni fukarete,
kusa no nioini, Furusato to no.

Futatsu no, kage wa kazeni,
Fukinaga sare, kietemo...

Tsugi ni wa, inochi kasane,
Namo naki hana, chiriyuku...
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Ninja Emperor, have you any idea how often you used 'lol' in your 3th post?
You must be having a lot of fun :) .

I would like to have tenchu as well.
But I think i'llwait for Ninja Gaiden to come out.
It seems to be censored in europe to avoid getting a 18+ rating.. 😭
I never played Ninja or Shinobi Gaiden, but since there are so many people are talking about them I would like to know about their cool and special features that rasing them above Wreath of Heaven? I doubt that there are so many cool items and spetial moves as in Wreath of Heaven. One more thing, this is about Tenchu, so let's try not to spam it ok? But you're welcome to answer my question anyways, but that's just one last time, ok?
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