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Are there any Monbukagakusho 2013 engineering undergraduate candidates?

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5 Oct 2012
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Hi everyone!
I was reading this forum for a long time but this is my first post. :)

I applied for monbukagakusho 2013 scholarship as an undergraduate engineering student. I got through the written exam and the interview and now am in the most difficult stage... the waiting. :?

Without waiting for the result I have already started learning japanese, thinking it is my duty to be prepared. I know I have to attend the one year preparatory course in japanese before enterring a university. My problem is this.

How will be the difficulty of the final exam in the preparatory course? How about the possibility to enter a prestigious university such as University of Tokyo, Tokyo Institute of Technology or Tohoku University? Can anyone give me an advise? Like to share your experience... 👋
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