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Are JAPANESE people shy?


4 May 2003
No japanese fellow talked to me more than few words.Iam a 17old guy.I don't understand whether they are shy?:)
I love JAPAN much but could not get a friend for this reason!!
Konnichiwa YVijayaAditya-san!
I believe that the Japanese is a very shy.:D
But if you accost the Japanese and show your interest in Japan, I think you can get Japanese friends.;)

Sometimes I wonder it too, and at the same time I'm sad that also Finnish people are shy quite often..
I have a huge interest in Japanese people and Japan, so every time there are some Japanese guests at my work, or I see some tourists in the city, I'd love to talk with them...but that's it, it always ends up to the level of just thinking..
And then again, I'd feel weird to just go and talk, without anything important to say :)
What do you think, would it be weird, if someone stranger just comes up and says hi, and possibly just mumbles something about Japan? ...and I'm asking especially from the point of view of our Japanese friends on the forum...thanks :)
Konnicho wa,

Yes, Japanese people are shy. They talk, but not with all their hearts.
If you really want to communicate with Japanese, think like them, and show it. That way people will understand you and consider you the same as themselves.
Although it does require a lot of "work" to think like a Japanese, after that you'll be a Japanese in no-time and it is well worth the effort.

I hope I could be of help.

Mata ne!
Japanese people often seem shy when they have to speak English or any other language if they aren't confortable with it. We could say that Japanese are often afraid of being mistaken, especially in front of foreigners.

But between them, I have found Japanese people to be very extrovert and talk about lots of subjects such as sex much more openly than most Westerners would. They like laughing loud and are surely less shy than me when it comes to nudity in onsens. Most of the Japanese I know are very sociable. The way they show their feelings is more similar to Italians than English people. I would never have imagined that before coming to Japan, from the behaviour of the Japanese I had met outside Japan.
hi, YVijayaAditya-san!

I'm Japanese, but I don't think that Japanese people are shy at all~!! If they can talk to you in Japanese, they would tell you so many things very openly. Not everybody, but I think they are quite open-minded. You might think Japanese people are shy when they have to use a different language.. and when you discuss about something with Japanese people, they tend to listen to you first and tell their answer in the end..so , you might feel that they don't want to talk to you or they are being shy.

SInce Japanese are people who love traveling and have a big curiosity about the world, I am very sure that you can make friends there if you want to make ones. Especially young people like you love foreigners, too. ;)
I din`t meet many Japanese people in my life, but the ones i met where not shy. On the contrary, They seemed very talkative and friendly.

On the other and, i am very friendly person with all people of any kind of background. Usually, when i meet someone, for some reason, they feel very confortable with me.

Maybe its the Italian of me.

Usually, the Italians , in general, are very friendly and affectionate people anyway.

:) 😄
it multiplies after meeting one
to me, to ME, having a japanese person next to me FEELS like it validates me in other japanese peoples' eyes
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