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Are Japanese girls skinny?


29 Nov 2003
Do you think Japanese girls are skinny?
It is almost 10 years since Japanese girls get keen on diet.
It seems that being slim and skinny are the vatue for the Japanese female. Skinny girls are considered to have great figure.

I am a Japanese female, height 165cm (5'5 tall), weight 60kg ( 132lb).
I am always told by my family and friends that I am fat and should lose my weight.
For the Japanese, I am not slim.
But in Europe, USA and Australia, I was told I was slim.

While I am in Japan, I have difficulty to find my size (of clothes),
and I feel I am too fat.
I am always frustrated and I feel like I am ugry.

What do you think about Japanese female's figure?
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I think, compared to a lot of females here in the US, most Japanese females are thinner in figure. US now supposedly have a problem with dieting and stuff right now. All these fast-food related stuff...
Thats about 60kg right? Thats perfectly normal by anyones standards, well within the BMI (body mass index). You shouldnt worry about your body weight, it changes up and down all the time, you eat, drink, take a shower it goes up. Do exercise, before meals, sleep it goes down. I

I dont like people who are dead skinny anyway, i like people to be a little cuddly ;) Dont listen to what other people say anyway, what does it matter, are you happy about yourself? (Sounds like you should be).
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You ARE NORMAL! DON'T listen to other people. Japanese, American, boy or girl, too many young people worry about being fat. You shouldn't.
In my opinion, I think Japanese women have the tendency to worry about their looks waaaay too much. And, to answer your question, yes, I think they are skinny and could use a bit more body weight.
lisako, it sounds like you are a very nice size! Like the ones before me have said, you need to try not to worry about what everybody else is saying about you. Who knows? They might even be jealous.

Two of my best friends(who are Japanese) used to try to gain weight because they thought they were way too skinny. Of course, it never worked. They never gained any weight no matter how many triple cheeseburgers they ate! They were always telling me how they wished they had my chest and hips! So, there are probably people out there that wish they could be like you. Everybody and every body is different. Nobody is ever completely satisfied with the way the look. Even supermodels aren't happy with the way they look all the time.

I think there are plenty of people out there who would love you just for who you are. Not everybody likes a boyish figure. Besides, your figure isn't what matters most, anyway... ;)
what the others said is right !
It makes me so mad that I am told many many times by my super skinny Japanese friends that they want to lose weight when they are already have a great figure - which by the sounds of it you do too!

I have a Japanese friend who has bigger hips than the average Japanese - more like a gaijin body. I know that Japanese girls bodies are generally more slim and they don't have big hips and she finds it hard to find clothes to fit, but she is not overweight. I am 160cm tall and on the thin side and I found it strange I had to look at they "Large" sizes for pants!!! (when in my own country I wear the smallest size!)
In my opinion too many "talent" or singers are faaaar too skiny (like one talent Masami Hisamoto who is so skinny I think she is ugly!)

Please don't feel bad - you are not overweight!!! You sound a healthy weight. I know faaaar too many girls who are preoccupied about losing weight than they are about improving more important things like their personality!
Lets learn to love who we are ;)
Normally from what i've seen Japanese females tend to be chubby, but not fat.
Personally i think it's cute, because i like pinching people's cheeks ^^

But anyway i think you should be happy with your weight, it sounds like a good size. ^^
any person not considered obese is either normal or on the thin side...the ones that I don't care for on the "thin" side are the anorexic wimmin and teens...they need help!

Once saw a mother daughter pair walking in Yokohama, in the underground shopping area, and it freaked me out when I realized the woman (mother) was not carrying a mannikin doll next to her.... 😲
the daughter looked so stick figured thin that was definitely anorexic....scary
Originally posted by silver angel
I agree with Gaki! (the whole good size part) I think you are a very good size!!! :)
Me too, lisako !!! I am a little over 5'6, 140-145 lbs and I eat as much as I can without feeling sick but everyone still tells me it isn't enough. ;) Also I know a lot of Japanese men say they think Western women are better proportioned, esp the longer legs and chest/hips, so there's a positive side even if you can't find all the clothes you want to fit. But most importantly, as den4 said, the really skinny girls that are still dieting in my opinion have serious personality problems and need help asap. :(

Thanks for the replies!
I am encouraged with your sweet words.
Yes, I should not listen to other people say.

As you know, to live in Japan as the Japanese, sometimes it is hard
to live to keep your own style ignoring other people's eyes.
I have my own style, my hair style, body, and fashion, which are
different from other Japanese people.
Many foreign people say I have great hair and body.
But sometimes I am told bad things, such as "What a big bum !" by Japanese people (strangers) on the street.
That hurts me.
Japanese clothes size M (medium), the bust size is 82cm(32 inch) and hip size is 87cm(34cm).
It makes me think if I should be on a diet.

I don't understand why Japanese people, the old and young, are so much obsessed with diet. Even pregnant women do diet.
People like talking about diet.
I am tired of hearing skinny girls say "I should lose my weight."

Some people's cheeks sank, and they look not healthy.
I think healthy, fit and voluptuous body is more attractive.
I used to live in Australia, and people there had healthy and fit bodies.
There are many Japanese tourists in Australia or other countries,
and twentish and thirtish Japanese tourists look like teenagers.

If I say this to other Japanese people, they say " Maybe that is right.
But hey you live in Japan. Here is Japan and is not the States.
It can't be helped it."

That's why I would like to ask your opinion.
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The important is that you must feel good about yourself and as for your weight, that's nobody business but yours and your doctor.
And diets, as in fashions, come and go. Just check the Atkin's diet.

You just need to be sure about yourself and wether you want to torture yourself in getting into a diet plan that will possibly make you similar to the standardized Japanese woman* or will you want to try to redefine the modern Japanese women? Or even a crazier thought: just be yourself and feel good about it.

Hope it helps. :)

* Who is kept in an hermetically sealed vault at the International Bureau of Standards in Geneva. Props to Steve Kruger. :D
Lisako you sound perfect to me. People should know better not to call someone fat, because it can cause some serious damage to a person. In fact how you described yourself, is what i'm looking for. Perfect height and weight.
I just want to point out that a diet should mean a change in your diet, not eating less, thats just dangerous. When your body has no food to process it turns you your muscles first. Its by using your muscles that burn off fat.
If some stranger in the street tells you you've got a big bum, THEY have a problem, not YOU. That person is uneducated and ignorant. You height and weight are in healthy proportion.
Don't go on a diet when your weight is in normal range, the long term consequences (fertility problems, osteoporosis) are too severe for the sake of just fitting in. Are young japanese really that thin anyway these days ? I thought the younger generation were getting fatter and taller.
I thought the younger generation is getting a little thicker (women) and taller as well.
For example.
At this chinease restuarant right around the corner theres this girl i talked to. shes japanese....in a chinese restuarant...but she is thick!( thick in as FINE! and she got a good little height on her. ) and we were talking about this...she blames it on McD's and burgerking....she says it wasn't like this a couple years ago...
I just said thank god for McD's and burgerking and got her #.:D
I think japanese girls feel the need to be skinny but also its very easy with japanese food, in Japan.
Outside of Japan it is very hard to keep thin because the food is totally different (bread, cooked fish & chips etc)

I was very suprised that there's quite a divide in Japan, there's fat people and thin people, but not many inbetween! ;)

basically, thin is considered sexy, and I must admit that all my girlfriends have been thin, but not boney! thats unhealthy
The figure is a a nice slim figure but me myself i like'em thick and fine!

but most that i have seen have been thin with a small percentage of them thickening up some...none really boney though...that IS unhealthy.
I have seen japanese girls that are mostly skinny or fat. My cousins who are half japanese, half italian puertorican are thick. They are just right to me or maybe thickness runs in the family. Lisako I agree with everyone here you are just perfect the way you are. Guess if I go to japan I wont find clothes that will fit me either.
Ive had comments from alot of female friends here who say that buying clothes can be a little hard, mainly cause straight out they have bigger hips or shoulders. One of them is just coming out of a near hit with anorexia and still has trouble with clothes.
^^ thats funny.

YEs thomas thick bums gets me everytime.

U could say i'm from the "south(US)" were bum experts!:D 😄 👍 👏 :p :D
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